McGeorge School of Law

Robert Binning

Deputy Legislative Counsel, State of California Office of Legislative Counsel
Robert Binning

BA, California Polytechnic St. University

JD, McGeorge School of Law


Robert Binning had always wanted to be a high school history teacher-until he worked as a teacher's assistant while he was getting his master's degree. "I hated it!" says Robert. He finished his graduate program with no idea what he would do next.

Talking to attorneys about their work led Robert to decide on law school, and because his family lives near Sacramento and he had a lifelong interest in politics, studying at McGeorge in the state capital was a perfect fit for Robert.

"My first year I was involved in more clubs than I can remember, but now I spend most of my time with the rugby team and the McGeorge Law Review," says Robert. "This year I am the Chief Legislation Editor, which means I played taskmaster and editor to 14 second and third years while many of them were in Europe trying to enjoy their last summer of freedom."

As a student in the Capital Lawyering Certificate program, Robert has taken a Legislative Process class taught at the Capitol by McGeorge graduates, and he's a part of Professor Frazier's legislative clinic which is working to pass a new law.

"The legislative clinic gives students the opportunity to work as a quasi-lobbyist, exposing us to the legislative process in a new way and helping us meet influential members of the capitol community," says Robert.

Robert interned the summer after his second year at the Office of Legislative Counsel and describes that experience as the moment he knew law school was the right path for him. "Being surrounded by incredibly intelligent people who enjoyed arguing about the interpretation of language was one of the most intellectually challenging and interesting things I have ever done," he says.

Robert clearly made a good impression during his internship, because he has already accepted a post-bar job with the Office of Legislative Counsel. Robert passed the July 2015 bar exam.

It's a happy ending for someone who worked as a woodworker, forklift driver and electrician while pursing the ill-fated teaching degree. "I could have been happy in a lot of different careers," reflects Robert, "but the opportunity the law provides to surround oneself with bright, witty, and confident people is second to none."


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