McGeorge School of Law

Faculty Honors & Awards

McGeorge faculty are often recognized for their scholarly service to the profession and communities around the globe. The following awards highlight a commitment to excellence and honors received from internal and external peers and well-regarded associations and organizations.

  • Stephen McCaffrey was named 2017 Stockholm Water Prize Laureate for his unparalleled contribution to the evolution and progressive realization of international water law.
  • John Myers received the Sacramento County District Attorney's Office Outstanding Service Commendation at the 2017 Outstanding Citizen's Awards Ceremony
  • Cary Bricker, John Sims and John Sprankling received "Professor of the Year" awards for 2016-2017 from the McGeorge Student Bar Association. Sprankling was cited for his work in the Day Division while Cary was honored by the Evening Division.

More Awards

American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children — William Friedrich Memorial Award
  • 2009 — John E.B. Myers
John G. Sprankling Faculty Scholarship Award

The John G. Sprankling Faculty Scholarship Award was established in appreciation of Professor Sprankling's dedicated service to McGeorge as Interim Dean and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs from 2000 to 2005 and his steadfast commitment and contribution to legal scholarship. The John G. Sprankling Faculty Scholarship Award is conferred upon the tenured or tenure-track member of the McGeorge faculty who has made a significant contribution to legal scholarship in published work, or works, during one academic year.

  • 2017 — Courtney Lee
  • 2016 — Rachael Salcido and Brian Slocum
  • 2015 — Michael Colatrella
  • 2013 — Kojo Yelpaala
  • 2012 — Frank Gevurtz, Brian Slocum (co-winners)
  • 2011 — Thom Main
  • 2010 — Miriam Cherry, Jarrod Wong (co-winners)
  • 2009 — Emily Garcia Uhrig
  • 2008 — Julie Davies
  • 2007 — Brian Landsberg
  • 2006 — Thom Main
  • 2005 — John Sprankling
Samsung-Stanford Patent Competition

Samsung-Stanford Patent Prizes are co-sponsored by Samsung Electronics and Stanford Law School to encourage research on patent remedies. The committee selected Professor Amy Landers' proposal for a paper on patent damages in which she argues that when awarding damages the fact finder should tailor compensation to the patentee's actual contribution to the field, rather than the patent claim as a whole. In addition to a cash prize award, Amy participated in a conference on the subject of patent damages at Stanford Law School on Feb. 18, 2011.

  • 2010 — Amy Landers
University of the Pacific Podesto Award

The Podesto Award is one of the Faith Davies All University Leadership Awards given each year by the University of the Pacific. The Podesto Award recognizes outstanding educators who directly touch and enrich the lives of Pacific students.

  • 2012 — Courtney Lee
  • 2011 — Linda Carter
  • 2010 — Ed Telfeyan, '75
  • 2009 — Thom Main
  • 2008 — Julie Davies