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Visiting Scholars Program

McGeorge hosts international scholars, professors, judges and practitioners conducting law-related research through our Visiting Scholars Program.

While at McGeorge, visiting scholars receive support from the Graduate and International Programs Office. Visiting scholars also enjoy access to our library, including Lexis and Westlaw research databases, and a study carrel.

We strongly prefer to have visiting scholars schedule their visit to begin in early January or August, just before the start of classes; however, under special circumstances, we may be able to accommodate alternative start dates. Visiting scholars are expected to be proficient in the English language. A TOEFL score of at least 80 or IELTS score of at least six (6) is required. If no such scores are available, an equivalent level of English language proficiency may be demonstrated through other means.

To encourage involvement and interaction with the campus community, visiting scholars are encouraged and expected to participate in the life of the school by attending student and faculty events and giving a presentation regarding their research to students and faculty. Visiting scholars are required to submit a draft of their research after the first semester, and/or the final research project upon completion of their program. In addition, visiting scholars are required to audit one to three courses per semester.

The fee for the Visiting Scholar program is $4,000 per semester.

Visiting Scholars at McGeorge

Shengxian Diao

Shengxian Diao
Professor of Law, Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Bachelor Degree of Law, Lanzhou University
Master's Degree of Civil and Commercial Law, Southwest University of Political Science and Law
Ph.D. of Intellectual Property, Chongqing University

Shengxian has been teaching at the Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications since 2000, becoming Professor of Law with the Intellectual Property Department in 2014. She is a highly-regarded teacher and the recipient of many accolades for her work. The latest was in 2016, when she was awarded the Outstanding Teaching Achievement Prize. Professor Diao has written many articles on the subject of intellectual property and information law and contributed to a number of books on the subject. She is first author of Research on the Infringement of Personal Information Network, published by Shanghai San Lian Publishing House in 2013.

Professor Diao is a member of the China Law Society and the China Intellectual Property Society. Her research at McGeorge will focus on advanced experiences and laws surrounding intellectual property rights and information rules in the United States and how they can help shape laws in China.



Nak Hyung Kim

Nak Hyung Kim
Judge, Busan High Court
Bachelor of Law, Yonsei University

Nak Hyung Kim is currently a judge at the Busan High Court in Korea. After passing the bar exam in 2002, Judge Kim completed a two-year program at the Judicial Research and Training Institute of the Supreme Court of Korea. He worked as a lawyer in Busan and Seoul until 2009, when he began serving as a judge at the Ulsan District Court, Jin-ju Branch Court of Chang-won District Court, and the Busan District Court.

Judge Kim has been a member of the Busan Case Law Research Society and a member of the Maritime Law Study of the Supreme Court of Korea since 2015. His research at McGeorge during 2017 will be focused on Child Protection Laws and Systems in the U.S.



Soojin Lee

Soojin Lee
Soojin Lee was appointed a public prosecutor in 2011 and since 2015 has been working at the Seoul Southern District Prosecutor's Office. She currently specializes in tax crimes and has investigated and prosecuted tax evasion crimes, property crimes and fraud against financial firms. Prior to her work as a prosecutor, she interned as a judicial trainee and completed an International Trade Law course at Columbia Law School.

In addition to speaking her native Korean, Soojin is fluent in English and conversational in German and Japanese. Her research at McGeorge will focus on the United States "Rules and Practices of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization (RICO) Act" and how such an act may be introduced in Korea.






Junzheng Li

Junzheng Li
Professor of Law, Jiujiang University
Doctor of Law, Xiamen University
Juris Master Degree, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law

Junzheng Li is currently a Professor of Law at Jiujiang University. He received a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and worked for a number of years at the No. 116 Factory of China Aviation Industry Corporation before he began teaching. Professor Li is interested in Intellectual Property Law, especially Trademark and Copyright Law.

He is a council member of the Jiangxi Provincial Intellectual Property Society. His research at McGeorge will focus on the academic question of how to explain and solve the legal conflicts between commercial signs, especially on the trade dress protection. He hopes to publish an academic paper in one of the Chinese Core Journals upon completion.


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