McGeorge School of Law

International Educational Programs

The fortress above Salzburg

McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific's international educational programs prepare students to practice law in a world that has become increasingly global.

Our students have access to many programs and degree options to enhance their understanding of international law. JD students who are interested in specializing in international law can earn the International Certificate of Concentration at McGeorge. Many of our students broaden their law school experience by taking advantage of our semester and summer abroad program opportunities to gain international perspective and insight by not only taking classes, but also by participating in field placements and practicums.

McGeorge offers an array of advanced law degrees with an international focus. Law graduates can pursue an LLM or JSD degree in the increasingly important field of International Water Resources Law. For more than 20 years we have offered the LLM in Transnational Business to further prepare law graduates for a career in the global economy. The LLM in U.S. Law & Policy is a course of study specially designed to equip foreign-trained attorneys with the skills and knowledge to succeed as a global lawyer.

The impact of the McGeorge Global Center reaches far beyond campus. Our faculty developed the pioneering Global Issues Book Series to introduce law students at McGeorge and law schools throughout the country to the international law issues that domestic lawyers will increasingly face in an era of growing globalization.

McGeorge is also leading an initiative to promote what we call intercultural legal competence - the ability of attorneys to deal with parties from different nations and cultures and to handle disputes and transactions involving different legal systems. Among the ways in which McGeorge seeks to promote intercultural legal competence is our Post-Internship Intercultural Legal Competence Workshop and our pioneering Global Lawyering Skills (GLS) Program.