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National Advocacy Practice Survey

The National Advocacy Practice Survey is an annual effort of the Center for Advocacy & Dispute Resolution aimed at learning about how law is practiced across the nation, in the 'real world,' and how legal practices and what lawyers do day-to-day change over time.

This information is then shared with law professors nationally to improve how law students are trained for today's advocacy practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should participate in this survey?

This survey is for alumni of ABA law schools. Each school selects how many alumni to whom to send the survey. Because this is an annual effort and to minimize annoyance, we recommend a random sample of 1,000 alumni per law school. Additionally, a random selection helps with diversity of geography and years in practice, which helps with statistical validity and relevance.

How are law schools selected to participate?

The Survey is open to every ABA law school — each is invited to participate by "opting-in" to the Survey. Once having opted in, schools are provided with sample email language about the survey for sending to their alumni, as well as links to the National Advocacy Practice Survey itself. In this way, each law school has exclusive contact with its alumni — no one associated with the administration of the National Advocacy Practice Survey will contact alumni of any other law school.

How is the survey administered?

The National Advocacy Practice Survey is administered online only to minimize cost and complexity. It is handled via a third-party software vendor to help ensure anonymity of participants and no personally identifying information is gathered. Once the survey responses are gathered, they are tabulated and analyzed by McGeorge.

When will the 2013 survey be administered?

Schools may 'opt in' their participation by responding to an email sent to Advocacy professors across the nation by Professor Michael Vitiello, or by clicking the opt-in link in the McGeorge Advocacy E-newsletter, distributed to Advocacy professors in October. If you did not receive either of these requests to participate and would like to do so, please send an email here.

Is the survey anonymous?

Yes, the survey is completely anonymous. No personally identifying information is gathered, although we do request year of graduation and identification of each participant's law school from which they graduated. This information is not to identify participants, but rather to assist with data analysis and to permit us to share with participating schools information regarding their own alumni populations.

How do participating schools get the results of the survey?

The survey results will be compiled and analyzed for sharing with each school. This information will be available online in January.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

For additional information, please contact us via email.