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The Capital Lawyering Certificate of Concentration

Capital Center students at the Captiol
What is Capital Lawyering?

It's McGeorge's unique name for lawyers who spend their days implementing and advocating public policy. Capital Lawyering Certificate of Concentration classes and activities earned McGeorge the rank of No. 3 of the Top 20 law schools for Government Law by National Jurist's PreLaw Magazine (Winter 2016).

Learn it

Capital Lawyering students learn how law gets made in classes that include Introduction to Capital Lawyering; Statutes & Regulations; Legislation & Regulation; Administrative Law; Legislation and Statutory Interpretation; Lawmaking in California; California Lobbying and Politics; Greensheets Review of California Statutes (Law Review); California Initiative Seminar; Election Law; Local Agency Practice; Municipal Innovation Seminar; Representing Local Agencies; Negotiation and Settlements.

Do it

Capital Lawyering students gain practical work experience and make contacts with key players in the Capital Lawyering community by working in one or in a variety of field placements in the California Legislature (in key committees and in the offices of Assembly Members and Senators); in Executive Branch committees (in the Attorney General's Office and committees specializing in business, election regulation, environment, health and housing); in the Judicial Branch (in the chambers of state and federal judges); and in nonprofit advocacy groups (disability rights, environmental protection, privacy, religious liberty, reproductive rights).

Make it

In the Legislative and Public Policy Clinic students write bills, lobby them, and make real changes to public policy when California's Governor signs them into law (four in 2014). Named by National Jurist's PreLaw Magazine as one of the Top 15 Most Innovative Clinics in the Nation (Winter 2015), the work of clinic students has been featured in media stories in Northern and Southern California, including the Los Angeles Times.

Become a Changemaker

McGeorge graduates work in Capital Lawyering positions in city government (including chief of staff to Sacramento's major; city council member; in city attorney's offices); in county and special districts (counsel to water boards, school boards); the California Legislature (counsel for committees; in offices of Assembly Members and Senators); Governor's Office; California agencies (on staff and general counsel for agencies specializing in consumer protection, election law, environment, energy and water law, employment, health, and others); nonprofit agencies (representing a range of public interests); lobbying firms and trade organizations; and private law firms (with lobbying units and with regulatory practices in areas such as environmental and water law, elections, energy, health, and labor).


Erin O'Neal MuilenburgErin O'Neal Muilenburg
Director, Capital Lawyering Concentration
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