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Conferences, Publications, Symposia & Speakers


McGeorge's Capital Center for Law & Policy sponsors a number of conferences each year, bringing in scholars, speakers and attendees to discuss relevant legal topics. Some of the events you'll find include:

Capital Center Distinguished Alumnus Award
Executive Training
Mike Belote Endowed Capital Lectures

The Mike Belote Endowed Capital Center Lecture was made possible by a generous donation from Mike Belote, ’87, President of California Advocates, Inc. and longtime McGeorge alumni donor and volunteer. Mr. Belote’s gift was matched by the University of the Pacific Powell Fund.

Capital Lecture Series

This series hosts four notable keynote speakers each year in downtown Sacramento, bringing timely and thoughtful commentary to current state and federal issues relating to government and public law and policy.

California Initiative Review and Forum

Students in this seminar present a nonpartisan, objective analysis on each of the statewide ballot measures faced by voters every two years. The forum is free and open to the community, providing a valuable opportunity to better understand the nuances of proposed laws.

The California Initiative Review is an online publication that serves as a non-partisan, objective analysis of California ballot initiatives and related issues. The review is produced annually by the Capital Center for Law & Policy at the California Initiative Forum.

In an effort to aid voters in statewide elections, McGeorge students study and analyze all California ballot measures and publish an objective overview in the CIR. The summary includes an executive summary, changes to existing laws, potential consequences, drafting issues with the proposition language and any anticipated constitutional challenges if the proposition passes. It also includes considerations presented by both the proponents and opponents of the measure.

Previous issues and links

How to Cite to CIR

An example of citing to a current initiative review:
John Grimes, Proposition 10: State and County Early Childhood Development Programs, Cal. Init. Rev., (Fall 1998)

An example of citing to a past initiative review:
Kerri L. Ruzicka, Proposition 63 (1986): English as the Official Language, Cal. Init. Rev., (Spring 2000)

Note: If your publication method does not support small capital letters, please use all capital letters. The date in parentheses (Fall 1998; Spring 2000) is the date the review was published and not the date accessed on the Internet.

Legislative and Public Policy Clinic

The Legislative and Public Policy Clinic provides a practical skills experience in researching, drafting, and pursuing adoption of California state legislative and regulatory changes. While seeking these changes, students will interact with elected and appointed officials in state government, their staff, lobbyists, and public affairs professionals. Students will also have an opportunity to develop political coalitions, interact with the media, and advocate for change in State Capitol proceedings.

Greensheets (Annual Review of California Legislation)

An annual spring issue of The University of the Pacific Law Review, Greensheets comprises student-authored work focused on the background and implications of recently enacted legislation in California. It is a distinctive academic publication and the most widely read issue of the year, particularly among state legislators, judges, and lobbyists. Students write and edit the issue, with each piece providing a point of reference on the what, how, and why surrounding new legislation.

The practical experience students will gain working on Greensheets includes:

  • Working with legislative committees, lobbyists, and policy analysts
  • Writing, editing, and publishing their work
  • Performing advanced research of case law and statutory law to predict the effect of new legislation
  • Master the use of the Harvard Bluebook citation style, the most widely used style manual in the U.S.

Curricular benefits are also awarded.

  • Students will receive 2 units of ungraded class credit, with a grade designation of Honors, Pass, No Credit, or Fail. The credit will be applied toward the requirements to earn a JD and the Capital Lawyering Certificate of Concentration.
  • Greensheets writers can be invited directly on to the Comment staff and will also be allowed to solicit for the Law Review Comment without being required to be in the top half of the class.
Ethics Across the Professions Initiative

These annual scholarly gatherings are designed to bring together professionals from a range of fields to focus on ethics issues in a multi-disciplinary manner. The series was made possible by a grant from Sierra Health Foundation, beginning in 2006 and spanning 10 years.