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January 2010

National Security Journal Makes Early Impact (01/09/2010)

Malloy's Economic Sanctions Study Reveals Dismal Results (01/12/2010)

Faculty Adds Spice To New Orleans Convention (01/15/2010)

Woolsey Says Oil The Weakest Link in America's Armor (01/22/2010)

February 2010

McGeorge Will Make Another Trip To NTC Finals (02/01/2010)

Elder Law Students Help Patient Win Her Appeal (02/03/2010)

McGeorge Team Takes ICC Brief Award (02/04/2010)

Legal Autopsies: Evaluating Judges, Lawyers (02/23/2010)

Students, Faculty Aid Guatemalan Nationals (02/23/2010)

March 2010

California Water Allocation Proves A Popular Subject (03/03/2010)

Niagara Team Finishes In Top Four (03/10/2010)

Tsai, Samar Spark Jessup Team In Regional (03/11/2010)

Carlson, Shitabata Qualify For NAAC National Finals (03/11/2010)

Leading International Jurists Visit This Semester (03/12/2010)

Estrich Argues For Return to English In Legal Writing (03/15/2010)

Temple Professor Delivers Lou Ashe Lecture (03/19/2010)

Houston Wins National Ethics Trial Competition (03/23/2010)

April 2010

Sunshine Week Sheds Light On Freedom Of Information (04/05/2010)

Zaitsu Wins GLS II Honors As Final Four Top Advocate (04/05/2010)

Latest MLR Law Journal Features Student Comments (04/06/2010)

Paton Previews Timely Judicial Ethics Forum (04/06/2010)

International Jurist Headlines Event on Italy's Influence On Law (04/12/2010)

Three Students Author GB&DLJ Comments (04/13/2010)

Judicial Ethics Conference Plays To Packed House (04/14/2010)

Manning Will Clerk For Justice Kennard (04/15/2010)

Crime-Fraud Exception Should Be The Rule (04/19/2010)

McGeorge Top 20 in Advocacy and International Law (04/22/2010)

Drabble, Thompson Third In Traynor Competition (04/23/2010)

Pollan Highlights Pacific’s Sustainability Month With 'Sun Food Agenda' (04/26/2010)

Rohwer’s Last Class Marks End Of An Era (04/28/2010)

Uruguay, McCaffrey Win ICJ Decision (04/30/2010)

May 2010

Manson Leaves Faculty Post To Join Westlands (05/06/2010)

Global Center Again Earns National Distinction (05/07/2010)

2009 State Legislation Gets Greensheets Review (05/11/2010)

Class of 2010 Boasts Two Stauffer Winners (05/13/2010)

Coif Adds 31 New Flavors From Class of 2010 (05/17/2010)

Thomas, Powell Share Graduation Spotlight (05/19/2010)

Class of 2010 Celebrates Law School’s 86th Year (05/20/2010)

Eglet Lands $500 Million Award In Las Vegas Case (05/24/2010)

Executive Training Program Makes Auspicious Debut (05/25/2010)

Frantz First-Year Competition Reaches Age 15 (05/26/2010)

Judicial Ethics Symposium (05/27/2010)

Malloy Gives Plenary Speech At Ottawa Conference (05/28/2010)

June 2010

Dajani, Peace Negotiators Address Philippines Forum (06/01/2010)

Wiksell Adds ABOTA Award To Slew Of 2010 Honors (06/02/2010)

Law Students Bear Witness To Devastation in Guatemala (06/10/2010)

First-Year Moot Court Event Grooms Future Stars (06/11/2010)

Telfeyan Becomes Latest Podesto Award Winner (06/14/2010)

It's Another Big Year For Advocacy Teams (06/16/2010)

Formulating A Legal Conception Of Creativity (06/22/2010)

New Journal Issue Focuses On Cybersecurity (06/22/2010)

Mediation Training Program Hits The Mark (06/28/2010)

Faculty Research On Display (06/29/2010)

July 2010

APSAC Honors Myers With Friedrich Award (07/01/2010)

GLS Faculty Members Share Secrets With Peers (07/09/2010)

Paton Presents At Stanford Legal Ethics Conference (07/21/2010)

Landsberg, Colatrella Carry On China Program (07/23/2010)

Malloy Book Melts Away Financial Crisis Fog (07/27/2010)

Sprankling Teaches Course at Russian Institute (07/30/2010)

August 2010

Jones Addresses ABA On Course Assessment (08/13/2010)

Carter, Students Facilitate Brandeis Institute (08/17/2010)

Austrian Professor Leads International Visitors (08/23/2010)

Cherry, Wong: Put Claws Into Clawbacks (08/24/2010)

Cherry, Wong Share Sprankling Award (08/24/2010)

Zhou Witnesses Hardship As Intern In Kenya (08/25/2010)

International Focus Lands Mattesich In Switzerland (08/27/2010)

September 2010

Scotland, Child Win Judicial Council Awards (09/01/2010)

Lee, Pinkerton Lead Law Journal Boards (09/08/2010)

Kulkarni Finger Regeneration A National News Story (09/10/2010)

Former Attorney General Speaks To Students (09/13/2010)

Wong Speaks In London On Investment Arbitration (09/14/2010)

Landsberg, Sims See No Landmark Ruling (09/17/2010)

Mock Trial Team Features New Names (09/21/2010)

International Students Include Iraqi Attorney (09/23/2010)

Kennedy Visits McGeorge To 'Paint The Law' (09/27/2010)

October 2010

Moot Court Competitors Face Rugged Schedule (10/01/2010)

Fernandez Optimistic About Venezuela's Future (10/04/2010)

In Legalizing Marijuana: California's Pot of Gold? (10/12/2010)

U.K. Supreme Court Adopts Sprankling Thesis (10/13/2010)

Journalist Delivers Witkin Schaber Lecture (10/14/2010)

California Initiative Review Available Online (10/20/2010)

Mariano, Zaitsu Team Advances To Tang Finals (10/26/2010)

November 2010

Oldham, Bankston Win Immigration Law Case (11/09/2010)

Cherry's Scholarship Attracts Attention (11/12/2010)

Citizenship Fair Helps 194 Future Americans (11/16/2010)

Landers Wins Samsung-Stanford Patent Prize (11/17/2010)

2004 Grad Fernandes Wins Prestigious Award (11/18/2010)

Team Wins Brief Honors Again At Pepperdine (11/22/2010)

Three More New Judges; Mueller Confirmed (11/23/2010)

Chinese Law Professors Visit McGeorge (11/23/2010)

McCaffrey Lectures At UN Course In Korea (11/29/2010)

Governor Names Hoch, Duarte To Court Of Appeal (11/30/2010)

December 2010

Scotland, Callahan Swear In 97 New Attorneys (12/03/2010)

Wang Successfully Defends JSD Dissertation (12/06/2010)

Governor Appoints Four Alumni To Judgeships (12/09/2010)

Roark Closes The Deal At Buffalo-Niagara Event (12/16/2010)