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McGeorge SBA Pays it Forward in a Show of Solidarity with Fellow Students

May 1, 2020

The Student Bar Association

The Student Bar Association

Students at McGeorge School of Law have always made their community #McGeorgeProud.  Recently, the Student Bar Association has reminded us of this with a generous contribution of their residual end-of-the-year funds to the law school’s virtual food bank and emergency grant fund.  Both McGeorge efforts were developed to assist students who are incurring unusual expenses and/or food insecurity due to the current pandemic that has changed how we currently live our days.

In an exchange with interim dean, Michael Colatrella, and demonstrating a spirit of gratitude and service, 2019-2020 Student Bar Association president, Meghan Shiner, said, “[w]e would like to donate a portion of our budgetary money to the financial resources available to students at this time.” The virtual food bank allows for $100 grocery store gift cards for law school students twice per semester and the emergency grant fund offers up to $1000 in financial relief made necessary by the spread of Covid-19. The total $13,000.00 donation by the SBA reflects the strong community and the true bond that our students share. Shiner went on to say, “[w]e hope that this contribution will help students with groceries, utilities, bar preparation costs, or any other financial struggle being experienced during this time.”

The funds gifted by the SBA to their fellow students are an extension of donations made by McGeorge alumni, faculty and staff. “The SBA Board unanimously voted to approve donations to two funds that we believed would reach the greatest number of students. As law students during this time we have enough stress to manage without having to compound that with concerns with how to pay our bills,” said 2D SBA Representative, Whitney Floratos. Individuals from all walks of life and from all over the world have been impacted by the unexpected health pandemic.  The SBA’s effort is a reminder that we are part of a phenomenal community which remains #McGeorgeTogether even during these difficult times.

The entire McGeorge community is grateful to the 2019-2020 Student Bar Association!

  • Meghan Shiner – President
  • Whitney Jenkins - Vice President
  • Carlos Leos Ponce – Secretary
  • Yahir Barragan – Representative-at-Large
  • Erika Patty Munoz – Diversity Chair
  • Ashley Silva-Guzman – Community Outreach Chair
  • Paul Grow – 4E Representative
  • Molly Alcorn – 3D Representative
  • Whitney Floratos – 2D Representative
  • Kenzie Christensen 2E Representative
  • Upinderpreet Gill – 1D Representative
  • Tyler Richardson – 1E Representative