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The International Jurist gives McGeorge’s LLM programs high marks

May 24, 2019

The LLM cover of The International Jurist

The cover of The International Jurist.

University of the Pacific’s McGeorge School of Law was rated among the top law schools in the nation for providing Master of Laws degrees to international students, according to The International Jurist.

The well-known publication gave McGeorge an A+ for value and an A for law school experience, in its recent issue featuring “The Best LL.M. Programs”.

The magazine noted that McGeorge’s LLM in water and environmental law features an international track that “focuses on the laws, policies and political dynamics that apply to water courses and other natural resources that are shared by two or more nations.” It also listed McGeorge’s LLM degrees in transnational business practices and U.S. law and policy.

Teaching international students is critical for U.S. law schools, according to The International Jurist. It not only broadens the knowledge of U.S. laws for attorneys from other nations, but enhances the experience for American law students.

Going beyond a law student’s reasonable expectation is an important part of being a top law school providing LLM degrees, according to the magazine, or otherwise the program will not be sustainable.

McGeorge earned an A+ because increasingly international students are looking for value in choosing a program. There are more choices as more law schools provide LLM programs and prospective law students are savvy about those choices.

McGeorge earned an A for law school experience, a category for which several factors were considered — can students work on law journals and be in clinics, are mentors provided, number of extracurricular offerings, how involved are U.S. students, what the law school does to help international students adjust, and more.

The magazine also looked at career assistance and academics.

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