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USA World Champions: McGeorge Team Wins International Negotiation Competition

June 28, 2018

The International Negotiation Competition 2018 World Champions: Doug Leach ‘18 and Leah Parrish ’18 .

The International Negotiation Competition 2018 World Champions: Doug Leach ‘18 and Leah Parrish ’18.

Doug Leach '18 and Leah Parrish '18 represented the United States in the International Negotiation Competition in Wales, UK from June 26-30, 2018, and they won!  The world champion negotiation team from McGeorge qualified for this honor by winning the ABA Negotiation 2018 Competition Finals, held Feb. 2-3 in Chicago, IL. Claudia Wrazel coached the team to victory.

"Both Doug and Leah have a natural talent for negotiation, but what makes me so proud of them is that they don't skate on it.  They work enormously hard and as a result have improved tremendously over the last year, " said Claudia Wrazel. "It was a joy to watch them in action." 

The international negotiation competition involved 28 teams from 24 countries testing their negotiation skills over a series of rounds where they will seek to achieve the optimum outcome for their clients in both the short-term and the long-term, while "dealing with cultural and practical issues thrown up by scenarios that have been imaginatively created by the organizers."  

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More about the ABA Negotiation Competition

At the ABA Regional Negotiation Competition held Nov. 4-5 at UC Davis, both team members turned in excellent performances. The McGeorge team found out a week before the regional competition that they would be required to split into two solo teams to keep the numbers even. On Saturday, Nov. 4, Doug placed first out of 20 teams to place McGeorge in the regional finals. On Sunday, Nov. 5, Doug and Leah teamed up to place second of the four teams in the regional finals, with University of Oregon declared the winner. The top two teams in each region advanced to the nationals in Chicago. 

McGeorge advanced to the nationals in 1999-2000 and 2000-2001, and competed annually until 2006. The law school took a break from this competition until 2014, when members of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Club worked with faculty to revive the team. The McGeorge team finished sixth in the regional competition last year.