McGeorge School of Law

McGeorge JD Program Sees Significant Growth in Enrollment and Entrance Credentials

JD students taking the oath of professionalism

The new class of students taking the oath of professionalism, a tradition at McGeorge since 2009.

This week, McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific welcomed 257 new students to its seven distinctive academic programs.

The incoming fall 2018 Juris Doctor (JD) Full-Time Day Division class consists of 176 students, and the JD Part-Time Evening Division class included 20 students. The JD class size increased by 25%, and, in fact, the fall 2018 incoming class is McGeorge’s largest incoming class since 2012.

"These excellent results are the result of an intentional, strategic plan crafted by the McGeorge faculty and developed in collaboration with the university administration and regents,” said McGeorge Dean Michael Hunter Schwartz. “We set out to create a relevant, modern, practical, and innovative curriculum that would be attractive to prospective students, and we succeeded beyond our wildest expectations."

Applications to McGeorge increased by 16% this year over 2017, while, nationally, law schools experienced an increase of 8%. As more evidence of attraction to McGeorge, the percentage of those offered admission who enrolled here is 40% above the 2017 rate for all California ABA law schools. The entrance credentials of the incoming JD class also significantly increased. The median LSAT score, median GPA, and 75th percentile LSAT score are all higher. The new class is 54% female, and 45.4% of the class self-identify as members of one or more ethnic/racial diversity groups.

“Personally, I chose McGeorge because a good number of the attorneys I was working with had high praise for McGeorge’s ability to produce critical-thinking practicing lawyers, and the emphasis on hands-on experience appealed greatly to me,” said new student Hannah Fortin. “Additionally, several attorneys I respect graduated from this institution, and they were passionate about encouraging me to follow in their footsteps and interact with the spectacular faculty and network McGeorge offers.”

The new McGeorge students also included eight Master of Laws (LLM) students, 10 Master of Science in Law (MSL) students, eight JSD students, eight Master of Public Policy (MPP), 21 Master of Public Administration (MPA) students, and six JD exchange students. In addition, McGeorge welcomed four visiting scholars from South Korea and China to campus for the semester. This is McGeorge’s 95th academic year and graduates of this entering class will join more than 14,000 alumni. McGeorge is the only law school in the country that offers MPA and MPP degree programs.