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McGeorge at AALS, Part Part II: Faculty and Staff as Panelists

January 22, 2018

Hether C. Macfarlane, Michael P. Malloy, Michael H. Schwartz, Jennifer Carr, Tracy L. Simmons, Melissa C. Brown, and Rebekah Grodsky.

Hether C. Macfarlane, Michael P. Malloy, Michael H. Schwartz, Jennifer Carr, Tracy L. Simmons, Melissa C. Brown, and Rebekah Grodsky.

McGeorge faculty and staff were everywhere at the 2018 AALS meeting, including at the podium as speakers or moderators.

Hether C. Macfarlane, Professor of Lawyering Skills

  • (Speaker) SECTION ON GRADUATE PROGRAMS FOR NON-U.S. LAWYERS, CO-SPONSORED BY INTERNATIONAL LEGAL EXCHANGE AND NORTH AMERICAN COOPERATION: Focus on the Facts: Teaching Civil-Law Trained Lawyers to Work with Facts in U.S. Legal Writing. This The panel discussed what those who teach first-year JD students do to help their international law students develop the skill of writing fact-based U.S. legal analysis, including pre-writing to identify how U.S. lawyers use facts in legal writing; planning to identify, select, and organize arguments and counterarguments, and to choose the most relevant facts; writing fact-based analysis effectively; and editing to strengthen the analysis, add or revise factual descriptions, and look for errors.

Michael P. Malloy, Distinguished Professor of Law

  • (Commentator) SECTION ON SECURITIES REGULATION: Emerging Voices in Securities Regulation Works-in-Progress. Relying on his background as a former SEC Special Counsel for Enforcement and Disclosure Policy, Professor Malloy offered extensive comments on works in progress with respect to transnational cases, and he urged that academic scholars expand empirical research to enhance the analysis of trends in SEC enforcement policy and techniques
  • (Moderator and Presenter) CURRENT STATE OF PLAY IN FINANCIAL SERVICES REGULATION. Malloy identified seven "horrible moments" in the 21st Century financial services sector, including the "stall-out of effective banking supervision under the current administration." He argued that a new financial disaster may have "the salutary effect of restoring purpose and drive to bank regulatory policy, but at a considerable cost to the economy."

Michael H. Schwartz, Dean and Professor of Law

  • (Moderator) SECTION FOR THE LAW SCHOOL DEAN: Crisis Communication: You Need a Plan.
  • (Speaker) PLENARY SESSION: Dean's Panel
  • (Facilitator) Community Across Difference: The Changing of Nature of the Student Body

Tracy L. Simmons, Assistant Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid (Moderator); Melissa C. Brown, Director of Clinical Services (Speaker); and Jennifer Carr, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs (Speaker)

  • SECTION ON PART-TIME DIVISION PROGRAMS, CO-SPONSORED BY PRE-LEGAL EDUCATION & ADMISSION TO LAW SCHOOL: Experiential Learning - ABA Standards 303 and 304: How to Effectively Offer Clinical Education to Part Time/Evening Students.

Rebekah Grodsky, Director of Student Affairs

  • (Moderator) STUDENT SERVICES, Orientation Toolkit. This panel discussed interesting, innovative, and unique things that schools are incorporating into Orientation relating to topics such as community building, teamwork, professionalism, diversity and inclusion, wellness and mental health, and assessment.
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