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McGeorge 94th Commencement Celebrates Class of 2018

McGeorge alumnus Justice James W. Hardesty '75, Supreme Court of Nevada, gave the commencement address.

McGeorge alumnus Justice James W. Hardesty '75, Supreme Court of Nevada, gave the commencement address.

University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law culminated its 94th academic year at the graduation ceremony of the law school on May 19, 2018. Dean Michael Hunter Schwartz presided over the ceremony, and University President Dr. Pamela A. Eibeck joined him in the platform party. Justice James W. Hardesty '75, Supreme Court of Nevada, gave the commencement address. The Class of 2018 Valedictorians were Erin Elizabeth Riswold (JD Day Division) and Katherine C. Jenkins (JD Evening Division). Student speakers at the ceremony were Rachel Sarah Tochterman (JD Day Division), Kathryn Hulse (JD Evening Division), Sarah Kerber (MSL), Daniil Vlasenko (LLM), and Yasaman Kavousi (MPA and MPP). The Commencement ceremony was held at the Memorial Auditorium in Downtown Sacramento.  (View photos)

Student Honors

Kendall Fisher (JD Day Division), and KC Jenkins (JD Evening Division) were honored with Outstanding Graduating Senior Awards for academic achievement. Weimond Wu (JD  Day Division) and Kyle Owen (JD Evening Division) received Outstanding Scholastic Achievement Awards. Kelci Binau and Tiffany Sala (JD Day Division), and Christina McAmis (JD Evening Division) received Outstanding Student Achievement Awards. ALI-ABA Scholarship & Leadership Awards went to Bryce Fick (JD Day Division) and Mary Varni (JD Evening Division). Aoibheann Cline, My Tien Doan, Rachel Tochterman, and Christian Yoo (JD Day Division), and Michelle Evans and Keri Firth (JD  Evening Division) received Outstanding Student Service Awards. Daniil Vlasenko received the LLM Award of Excellence, and the MSL Award of Excellence went to Sarah Kerber. The MPA Award of Excellence went to Tiffini R. Anderson. Vanessa Renee Adame, the law school's first MPP graduate, received the MPP Award of Excellence. The Graduate Student Service Award was given to MSL graduate Sarah Kerber. The University of the Pacific Champion of Diversity and Inclusion Award was given to Karla Denise Cruz. April Ann Perkins was recognized for excellence in clinical fieldwork and for exceptional participation in an accompanying clinical seminar with the Outstanding Clinical Student Award. The recipients of these awards were recognized at the McGeorge Graduate Luncheon.  

McGeorge Graduate Luncheon

At the eleventh Annual McGeorge Graduate Luncheon on May 16, 2018. Alumnus Jeffrey Huron '88, Vice President of Engagement on the McGeorge Alumni Association Board of Directors, gave the new graduates tips for success. Student Bar Association (SBA) President Rachel Tochterman, and SBA representatives Navraj Rai and Keri Firth, emceed the lunch. (View photos)

The Julie Davies Professor of the Year was announced at the lunch for both Day and Evening Division: Professor John Myers. The SBA's annual Professor of the Year Award is named the Julie Davies Professor of the Year Award in appreciation for Professor Davies' dedicated service to McGeorge as Associate Dean for Academic Affairs from 2009 to 2013, and her steadfast commitment to outstanding teaching, learning, and assessment. The SBA's annual Anna Rose Fischer Award is given to an outstanding member of the McGeorge staff or administration who, in the course of their employment, has performed above and beyond their job responsibilities, thereby immeasurably aiding and assisting the McGeorge Student Body. The Anna Rose Fischer Staff Member of the Year was awarded to Jason Darling, Public Safety. The McGeorge Capital Center for Law & Policy recognizes students who work on behalf of others in legal or community service as they earn their law degrees with the Capital Commendation for Public Service. 

The Trial Advocate of the Year was Kelli Tong, the Appellate Advocate of the Year was Paige Davidson, and the Barrister of the Year was Garrett Seuell. The Trial and Appellate Advocacy Awards ceremony was held on April 26, 2018. (View photos)  

Order of the Coif

Class of 2018 academic stars were inducted into the McGeorge Chapter of the Order of the Coif on May 18, 2018, at an on-campus luncheon honoring the law school's top students. Professor Leslie Gielow Jacobs, president of the McGeorge chapter of the Order of the Coif and director of the Capital Center for Law & Policy, welcomed keynote speaker, McGeorge Dean Michael Hunter Schwartz. Professor J. Clark Kelso, secretary/treasurer of the McGeorge chapter of the Order of the Coif, inducted the new members. The new members are: Kelci S. Binau, Isabella S. Blizard, Bryce Q. Fick, Kendall C. Fisher, Tyler J. Horn, Katherine Christine Jenkins, April A. Perkins, Erin E. Riswold, Timothy Y. Riswold, Jeremy D. Stone, George J. Theofanis, Jessica Sara Wellington, Theodore S. Wolter, and Wiemond Wu. (View photos)

Many alumni Coif members attended the luncheon, which is open each year to all alumni who are members of the organization that traces its roots to medieval England. It was the 36th annual Order of the Coif Congratulatory Luncheon for McGeorge, which holds the 59th chapter in the 82-law school honorary society. Other schools that boast chapters in the organization include Yale, Emory, Stanford and the University of Michigan. New graduates must have finished in the top 10 percent of their classes to qualify for election to membership.