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McGeorge Professor Linda Carter Participates in an ICC Session at the UN

December 18, 2017

Professor Linda Carter with group at ICC meeting

From left: Kunying Sung, Sarah Erickson, Naseem Kourosh, Leila Sadat, John Washburn, Allison Norder, Wendy Bremang, Linda Carter, and Fizza Batool.

McGeorge Distinguished Professor of Law Emerita Linda Carter participated in the International Criminal Court's (ICC) Assembly of States Parties (ASP) session at the United Nations (UN) in New York Dec. 4 to 8, 2017. She was part of the American Coalition of NGOs for the ICC (AMICC) team that covered what occurred at the session and in the side events.

One of the major issues raised at the session was the activation of the crime of aggression that was deferred in 1998 when the treaty creating the Court was negotiated, was defined with a process for ratification in 2010, and after intense negotiation, will now be activated for ratifying States-Parties on July 17, 2018. Another interesting development at the Court is the Prosecutor's request of the Pre-Trial Chamber to open an investigation into alleged crimes in Afghanistan. This includes the Taliban, Afghan troops, and US military and CIA. Most of the allegations about US personnel involve alleged torture in black sites in Afghanistan itself and in Poland, Romania and Lithuania. The US State Department made a statement at the ASP session, rejecting ICC jurisdiction over US citizens.

Mark Narveson

For those who are interested, AMICC has a Northern California Alliance spearheaded in the Bay Area by McGeorge alumnus Mark Narveson '11.