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Law Review Volume 48 Symposium Issues Feature Student Comments

March 17, 2017

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The first two issues of University of the Pacific Law Review Volume 48 have been published and the articles are available to read online and by subscription.

The first six articles in issue 1 are from Distinguished Professor of Law Michael Malloy's symposium series called "UTOPIA 500." The series formed a portion of his Law and Literature Seminar during the Spring 2016 semester at McGeorge. The distinguished speakers throughout the UTOPIA500 series submitted articles to this issue.

Issue 1 also includes two pieces that are student comments not related to the symposium series. Brian D. Russ, '17 wrote "Lobbyists Are People Too, And They Should be Free to Contribute to Their Local Legislative Races." Michael J. Elizondo wrote "Justice Should Not Be a Lottery: An Examination of Disparate Outcomes in Hearing Loss Cases at the Veterans Court."

Issue 2 is the "Crimes without Borders: In Search of an International Justice System" symposium issue. Articles by the distinguished speakers who presented at the 2016 Global Center Annual Symposium held on March 4th, 2016 are featured in this issue. Seven student comments are also included in issue 2 on the topics of International Law and Criminal Law. Charles Wiseman, '17 wrote "Celebrity Funded Pirates: Bob Barker's Bob Barker and the Curse of the Thunder." Randy W. Tong, '17 wrote "It's Time to get off the Bench: The U.S. Needs to Ratify the Law of the Sea Treaty Before It's Too Late." Michelle Ahronovitz, '17 wrote "Guilty until Proven Innocent: International Prosecutorial Failure to Disclose Exculpatory Evidence."

Rosemary Deck, '17 wrote "Grown-Up Justice Isn't Child's Play: The Case For a Data Driven Reassessment of Civil Commitment for Juvenile Sex Offenders." Heather Phillips, '17 wrote "The "Big Brother" Effect: The Implications of the Unanswered Question in United States v. Jones." Erin Price, '17 wrote "The Model Penal Code's New Approach to Rape and Intoxication." Hannah Fuetsch, '17 wrote "The Progressive Programming Facility: A Rehabilitative, Cost-Effective Solution to California's Prison Problem."

The student Board of Editors for Volume 48 are Jess Gosney, Editor-in-Chief; Erin Price, Chief Managing Editor; Virginia Martucci, Chief Technical Editor; Charles Wiseman, Chief Comment Editor; Brian Russ, Chief Legislation Editor; Daniella Green, Chief Symposium Editor; and Randy W. Tong, Chief Articles Editor.

The 2017 joint Global Center and University of the Pacific Law Review Symposium was Friday, March 3 on the topic of "Regulating Marijuana at Home and Abroad." A video of the event is available.

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