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All-McGeorge Competition Readies Mock Trial Team for NTC Regionals

January 24, 2017

Gage Marchini

Gage Marchini was one of two winners of the All-McGeorge Mock Trial Competition. Nikki Low also won.

On Jan. 22, 2017, four teams, two consisting of McGeorge Mock Trial team members and two made up of high performing fall Trial Advocacy students, showcased their trial skills in the all-day McGeorge Mock Trial Competition. This year's winners were trial team members Nikki Low and Gage Marchini.

One of the traditions of McGeorge's nationally recognized Trial Advocacy program is this All-McGeorge Mock Trial Competition. The 20 year old event, held annually early in the spring semester, pits the school's mock trial competition team against talented students who excelled in the classroom.

The students from the Mock Trial team were Michelle Ahronovitz, Nicole (Vera) Low, Gage Marchini and Heather Phillips, coached by Jason Schaff, '06 and Jessie Saucedo, '11. The Trial Advocacy Honors Team consisted of Anton Babich, Lauryn Robinson, Allie Snedden and Tiffany Thomas, coached by Jake Weaver, '14. 16 current McGeorge students played live witness roles in the four trials.

During the day-long competition where Mock Trial team members were prosecutors in the morning and defense counsel in the afternoon , they sharpened their advocacy skills in preparation for the Texas Young Lawyers National Trial Competition regionals, set this year for Feb. 2 to 5 at Golden Gate University School of Law in San Francisco, CA. The criminal fact pattern they tried is the same they will at the NTC regionals next month.

Cary Bricker, Director of the Mock Trial Program, said "The day owes its success to excellent advocacy displayed by the teams, the dedication of 12 experienced practitioners who served as presiding and scoring judges, and our 16 well prepared student witnesses."

Among the judges were alumni Keith Staten, '92, Derek Haynes, '09, Ashely Wisniewski, '09, Niki Cunningham, '11, Bret Wasley, '08, Michelle Trigger, '12, Megan Shapiro, '09, Tim Naccarato, '77, Rebecca Hause, '13 and Steve Block, '78, as well as practitioners Zach Schultz and Philip Birney.