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Malloy Speaks at Oxford

July 8, 2016

Professor Malloy Speaks at Oxford

Distinguished Professor Michael Malloy at the Saïd School of Business, Oxford University, in the UK.

As part of McGeorge's UTOPIA500 Project, Distinguished Professor Michael P. Malloy gave a lecture at Oxford University on More's Utopia and Socio-Economics. The lecture was part of the Oxford Conference on Business, Economics, Poverty & Inclusive Capitalism, held at the Saïd School of Business, Oxford University, in the UK on July 6, 2016.

In his lecture, Dr. Malloy argues that the book - 500 years old in 2016 - offers a prescient analysis of a range of issues that anticipate socio-economics. Utopia examines social and economic inequality, gold and fiscal policy, the role of law and polity in society, and the economics of war. He concludes that the central mystery in the book is determining More's actual views on these subjects distinct from those of his characters - including "More" himself.

Dr. Malloy organized UTOPIA500, an interdisciplinary series of events held at McGeorge School of Law during spring semester 2016 honoring the author and his iconic work.

Malloy presenting