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Moylan on CapRadio’s Insight about Nov. 8 Ballot

October 20, 2016

Professor Mary-Beth Moylan before her CapRadio's Insight interview

Professor Mary-Beth Moylan in the Insight studio

McGeorge students presented this fall's edition of the California Initiative Review on Oct. 25 at the California Initiative Forum on the McGeorge campus from 5 to 7 p.m. in the Lecture Hall. Watch a video of the California Initiative Review Forum (YouTube). Professor Mary-Beth Moylan discussed the ballot propositions on Capital Public Radio's Insight program with Beth Ruyak on Oct. 20, 2016.

McGeorge students produce and publish a high-quality non-partisan edition of the California Initiative Review for every general statewide election. This volume of the California Initiative Review was produced under the direction of Professor Moylan. The authors are all students who have been enrolled in Professor Moylan's California Initiative Seminar. In addition to their work summarizing ballot qualified initiatives for the California Initiative Review and presenting the Propositions at the Public Forum, they have spent fall semester learning about the initiative process in California.

The 2016 issue of the California Initiative Review is available online now, and a companion publication, Initiatives at a Glance (pdf), is also available. On Oct. 10, Mary-Beth Moylan and Jessica Gosney, '17 appeared on Fox40 news (Watch). Professor Moylan presented the California Initiative Review to the Sacramento Rotary Club on Oct. 25 as well.