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Carter Summer Abroad International Criminal Law

August 11, 2015

City Hall in Sarajevo

City Hall in Sarajevo

Distinguished Professor Linda Carter spent early summer break on three international visits relating to her expertise in international criminal law and procedure.

Professor Carter's first stop was The Hague, The Netherlands on May 19, 2015, where she worked for a week with the Brandeis International Center for Ethics, Justice, and Public Life on an oral history project of the beginning of the International Criminal Tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda (ICTY and ICTR). As part of the team, Professor Carter participated in interviews of individuals who were judges, lawyers, interpreters, IT technicians, intelligence analysts, or other staff when the tribunals were created in the early 1990s. The two ad hoc tribunals are significant as the first international criminal tribunals since the post-World War II Nuremberg and Tokyo tribunals. The oral history project is documenting the memories of those involved in the many challenges in setting up the Yugoslav and Rwanda tribunals after a 50-year silence in international criminal justice.

The next stop was London, England, where Professor Carter met with International Bar Association coordinators of projects around the world. Among the many activities, the IBA's new EyeWitness project, on which Executive Director Mark Ellis gave a presentation at McGeorge in April 2015, is based in the London offices. The executive director of the IBA"s EyeWitness project, Wendy Betts, earned a BA in International Relations from University of the Pacific's School of International Studies (SIS).

Myers & CarterProfessor Carter then traveled to Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), to work on research for her current book project on the relationship of international criminal tribunals with national jurisdictions. In Sarajevo, she met with judges and lawyers associated with BiH's War Crimes Chamber, which is part of their national court system to try war crimes and crimes against humanity committed during the Balkan war in the early 1990s. She also met with staff of organizations that are working to assist the Chamber and the people of BiH, including the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and the ICTY Outreach Office.

Professor Carter was honored as a 2015 Julie Davies Professor of the Year by the McGeorge Student Bar Association (SBA) in May 2015. In addition to writing her book and working on the oral history project, Professor Carter will teach two courses during fall semester: Criminal Law and International Criminal Law.

McGeorge Student and Alumni Interns at the ICC, ICTR and ICTY

Professor Carter's work in The Hague has opened doors for McGeorge students and alumni to hold internships at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) in Arusha, Tanzania, the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague, and the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in The Hague. During fall 2015 Jennie Johnson, '15, will be interning with Judge Agius at the ICTY, and Tia Kemokai , '15, will be interning with Peter Robinson, a defense counsel at the ICTY. Alumni and students who have interned and worked in the ICC, ICTR and ICTY in recent years include:

  • David James Bjorkman, '08 (ICTR)
  • Tara Long, '08 (ICTR)
  • Lauren Tipton, '08 (ICTR)
  • Mariel Covarrubias, '10 (ICTY)
  • Nicole Rangel, '10 (ICTY and ICTR)
  • Dominic Afzali, '11 (ICC)
  • Jessica Asfour, '11 (ICC, ICTY and ICTR)
  • Adam Guernsey, '11 (ICTY)
  • Gina Le, '11 (ICTY)
  • Eric Papathakis, '11 (ICTY)
  • Jasmine Turner-Bond, '11 (ICTY)
  • Bindhu Varghese, '11 (ICTY)
  • Yen Phan, '12 (ICTY)
  • Danielle Wheeler, '12 (ICTY)
  • Jason Holley, '13 (ICTY)
  • Dayla Swartz Go, '15 (ICTY)