McGeorge School of Law

Global Symposium Examined an Emerging International Law of Property

April 16, 2015

Global Symposium participants

Jose Hernandez, Prof. Mike Mireles, Chief Symposium Editor Dane Littlefield '15, Prof. Irene Calboli, Prof. Raquel Aldana, Prof. M.C. Mirow, Prof. Margo Bagley, Prof. John Sprankling, Wayne N. White, Jr., Prof. Jarrod Wong, Prof. Anna Dolidze, Prof. Stephen McCaffrey, Leslie Tennen, Judge Fausto Pocar, Jacquelyn Jampolsky, Prof. Rachael Salcido.

Inspired by Prof. John Sprankling's new book, The International Law of Property (Oxford 2014), the 2015 McGeorge Global Symposium brought together experts from around the world to discuss the impact of an emerging international right to property in a variety of contexts on March 6, 2015. McGeorge Prof. Rachael Salcido organized the symposium. Videos of the symposium panels and the Q&A with Prof. Sprankling are now available to view online.

After a welcome by McGeorge Dean Francis J. Mootz III and Global Center Co-Director Jarrod Wong, Prof. M.C. Mirow, Florida International University College of Law, gave the morning's keynote address on the topic "The Inspiration for an International Law of Property." Watch the keynote address.

Panel 1 focused on treaties, customary norms, soft law, arbitral and judicial decisions to illustrate how an emergent international law of property has come to influence property rights in the areas of international investment and human rights law, and was moderated by McGeorge Prof. John Sims. Panelists were Prof. Anna Dolidze, Western University Law; and McGeorge Prof. Jarrod Wong. Watch the Panel 1 video.

Panel 2 investigated how an international law of property will have implications on intellectual property rights and was moderated by McGeorge Prof. Mike Mireles. Panelists were Prof. Josef Drexl, Max Plank Institute for Innovation and Competition; Prof. Margo Bagley, University of Virginia School of Law; and Prof. Irene Calboli, Marquette University Law School, Professor of Law and Director, Intellectual Property and Technology Program. Watch the Panel 2 video.

Sprankling was interviewed by Chief Symposium Editor Dane Littlefield at a Q&A session during lunch, sponsored by the Witkin Legal Institute, at the Symposium. Watch the Q&A video.

Panel 3 reviewed the implications an international law of property will have for the development of natural resources, as well as for biodiversity around the world, and was moderated by McGeorge Prof. Raquel Aldana. Panelists were Prof. Thomas Antkowiak, Seattle University School of Law; Jacquelyn Jampolsky, JD, PhD, Fellow, Getches Center for Energy, Natural Resources and the Environment; McGeorge Prof. Stephen McCaffrey, and McGeorge Prof. Rachael Salcido. Watch the Panel 3 video.

Panel 4 explored what an international law of property portends for future extraterrestrial ambitions, such as moon and near asteroid mining, and the implications of an international law of property for the development of outer space law, and was moderated by Jose Hernandez, Former NASA Astronaut and Pacific Regent, Consultant Tierra Luna Engineering. Panelists were Judge Fausto Pocar, International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia; Leslie Tennen, Law firm of Sterns and Tennen; and Wayne N. White, Jr., President and C.E.O. SpaceBooster, LLC. Watch the Panel 4 video.

The proceedings of the Global Symposium will be published in a future volume of the new McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific Review, which will merge the McGeorge Law Review and the Global Business & Development Law Journal.


Global Symposium 2015 - International Law of Property