McGeorge School of Law

Supreme Court Bar Admits Ten McGeorge Alumni

June 23, 2014

Prof Sims and Associate Justice Kennedy with alumni

From left: Chen Gu, 09; Theresa R. Esquerra, '08; Constance D. Logan, '04; Janice Diane Magdich, '96; Distinguished Professor John Sims; Associate Justice Anthony M. Kennedy; Anthony Kent McClaren, '03; Caleb Saul Lihn, '02; Mark Andrew Pruner, '82; Gregory Paul, '99; Mary Diane Anderson, '06; and Tiffany L. Andrews, CWLS, '06

Ten McGeorge graduates were admitted to the U.S. Supreme Court Bar at a swearing-in ceremony sponsored by the McGeorge Alumni Association on June 23, 2014, in Washington, D.C.

Mary Diane Anderson, '06; Tiffany L. Andrews, CWLS, '06; Chen Gu, 09; Theresa R. Esquerra, '08; Caleb Saul Lihn, '02; Constance D. Logan, '04; Janice Diane Magdich, '96; Anthony Kent McClaren, '03; Gregory Paul, '99; and Mark Andrew Pruner, '82, are the newest McGeorge members of the high court bar.

The newly admitted bar members met later with D.C.-area alumni from McGeorge, as well as other University of Pacific schools and colleges. The program featured a presentation by Professor John Sims and area alumni to more than 70 local D.C. alumni.