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McGeorge Volunteers Commended for Justice Bus Project Service

November 5, 2014

Pacific McGeorge student volunteers

McGeorge student volunteers

OneJustice commended McGeorge student and alumni volunteers for their work with the Justice Bus at the South Lake Tahoe Family Resource Center on Nov. 1, 2014:

"Because of your hard work and commitment to equal justice, 29 underserved Californians are more informed about their legal rights and more prepared to resolve their legal issues! You should be proud of the positive impact you had on this isolated community."

Volunteer pro bono attorneys Maribel Herrera, '02, Cristina Hughes, Natalia Santanna, and Julianna Rivera, and McGeorge students Joseph P Kowalski, Lilly Walsh, Giovanni Pesce, Heather Lui , Rachael Nhan, Diego Vera, Max Vargas, Amadeu Goncalves, Rebecca Caporale and Chelsey Smith teamed up and spent the day helping clients with a variety of matters.

"The Justice Bus was truly an inspiring experience; being able to help people in need by applying what we have learned in the classroom served as a reminder of why I came to law school in the first place," said Amadeu Goncalves, ’15.

The volunteer attorneys and students received positive feedback from the clients they helped:

"I'm a teenager who has lived in California all my life and I've always wanted to get a job, my license and get closer to citizenship. Today I got the opportunity to fill out the DACA application and I can't wait to see what this brings for me."

"When I came today I was nervous [about] how everything would turn out but when I went [in to my appointment] I felt comfortable. I no longer felt nervous and was happy to be [there]. I thank [those] who helped."

OneJustice Amadeu"I came in thinking about how unsure I was about my current immigration status but [the volunteers] really helped me feel confident in what to do and how to move forward. It was good to receive [this type of] support."

OneJustice focuses on legal aid for low-income Californians. Its Justice Bus Project connects urban law students with rural clients who need their help while seeking to inspire those students to consider pro bono opportunities throughout their careers.