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McGeorge Law Review "Greensheets" Issue Covers 2014 Legislation

May 9, 2014

Greensheet Authors

Top Row, from left: Nick Kump, Eric Brumfield, Anthony Serrao, Rob Binning, Brian Geremia. Bottom Row: Megan DeHerrera, Dacia Anderson, Devina Douglas, Jackie Loyd, Lindsay Barnes

The McGeorge Law Review is excited to announce the publication of Volume 45, Issue 3, better known as "Greensheets." This issue covers legislation that came into effect in 2014.

The current issue contains nineteen different laws that cover topics from industrial hemp and off-reservation Indian gaming to the expansion of employment and housing laws to veterans and the limitation of workers compensation for professional athletes. Each article provides background on the specific area of law and in-depth analysis of the effectiveness of the new law.

Copies of the McGeorge Law Review "Greensheets" issue are available in the Student Center and Legal Studies Center. Later this year the articles will be available on a new website about California law, politics and policy,

Joshua Hunsucker, '14, served as Chief Legislation Editor and Fredericka McGee, '91, Deputy Chief of Staff & General Counsel to the Speaker of the Assembly, wrote the Introduction for the "Greensheets" Issue. Thirteen student authors wrote on the following topics and legislation:


  • Brian Geremia — Chapter 336: Protecting Minors' Online Reputations and Preventing Exposure to Harmful Advertising on the Internet
  • Jacquelyn Loyd — Chapter 438: Giving California a Competitive Edge as a Breeders' Cup Venue


  • Brian Geremia — Chapter 58: Disclosure of Medical Information in Pretrial Settlements with Marriage and Family Therapists

Civil Procedure

  • Devina Douglas — Chapter 519: Fortifying California's Reporters' Shield


  • Lara Awad — Chapter 85: Providing Greater Protections For Transgender Students


  • Anthony Serrao — Chapter 280: Streamlined Vote by Mail Procedures for Today's Majority Voting Method


  • Jacquelyn Loyd — Chapter 743 Lowers Adoption Costs: More Families Made Whole, More Children Kept Safe

Food & Agriculture

  • Anthony Serrao — Chapter 398: The Highly-Regulated Hemp Marketplace—Economic Powerhouse or Law Enforcement Nightmare?


  • Lindsay Barnes — Chapter 691: Protecting Military Members and Veterans from Employment Discrimination
  • Nicholas Kump — Chapter 51: Approval of Tribal-State Gaming Agreements Governing California's First Off-Reservation Casino
  • Megan DeHerrera — Chapter 11: Expanding Gubernatorial Access to Closed Session Agency Meetings

Health & Safety

  • Lindsay Barnes — A Breath of Fresh Air: Chapter 292 Implements a Smoke-Free Environment in Foster Care
  • Robert Binning — Chapter 231: Putting Swap Meet Animal Vendors in the Dog House: Regulating the Sale of Animals at Swap Meets


  • Robert Binning — Chapter 653: Tackling Players' End-Around the Laws of Their Home States: Restricting Professional Athlete Access to California's Workers' Compensation System


  • Dacia Anderson — Chapter 797: Un-handcuffing Minors from the Gang Life
  • Eric Brumfield — Chapter 284: Deterring and Paying for Prank 911 Calls That Generate a SWAT Team Response
  • Michelle Carlson — Chapter 259: Welcome to the 21st Century! Taking Marital Status Out of Rape by Misrepresentation

Revenue & Tax

  • Nicholas Kump — Chapter 546: Preventing Retroactive Taxes on Entrepreneurs


  • Vallerye Mosquera — Driving While Undocumented: Chapter 524 Allows Undocumented Immigrants to Apply for Driver's Licenses in California