McGeorge School of Law

Malloy Achieves Conference Trifecta in Athens

July 28, 2014


From left: Claudia Ribeiro Pereira Nunes, Research/Extension Director, Community College of Rondonia, Brazil; Dr. Michael P. Malloy, Professor of Law, McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific, USA; and Cosmas Anyakudo, Research Associate, Brunel University, UK.

Distinguished Professor Michael P. Malloy achieved a trifecta at the 11th Annual Conference on Law, sponsored by the Athens Institute for Education and Research (ATINER) in Athens, Greece, on July 14-16, 2014.

As Director of the Institute's Business and Law Research Division, Dr. Malloy delivered the opening remarks for the conference. He then chaired the first plenary session, on Law and History. The following day Dr. Malloy presented his paper, "There are no Bitcoins, only Bit Payers," during the Economy and Commerce panel. The paper criticizes current improvised approaches toward "cryptocurrencies," and argues that they should be treated as investment and commercial notes. Dr. Malloy expects that the paper will be published by the Institute later in 2014 as part of a proceedings volume.

Earlier this year as his first agenda item as Director, Dr. Malloy planned and hosted an international, interdisciplinary event — Business, Law and Economics: An International Conference — held May 5–6, 2014 in Athens, Greece.