McGeorge School of Law

Four Student Comments Published In McGeorge Law Review Volume 45, Issue 2

June 2, 2014

Iler, Cronican and Lenth

From left, Amanda Iler, William Patrick Cronican and Danielle Lenth

Four McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific students recently published comments in Volume 45, Issue 2 of McGeorge Law Review.

In "Startup Immigration: Stimulating Startup Communities with Immigrant Entrepreneurs" David Vidal explores how to grow locally organized start-up communities and ways keep foreign-born entrepreneurs building businesses in the United States.

Danielle Lenth writes on the Amanda Knox murder trial in Italy and compares it with the United States justice system in her comment "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Justice: A Comparative Legal Study of the Amanda Knox Case."

In "Buyer Beware: Electronic Letters of Credit and the Need for Default Rules," William Patrick Cronican discusses model rules that would allow for digital submission of documents for international letters of credit.

Amanda Iler addresses personal jurisdiction stream of commerce theory and suggests a clearer test as to when jurisdiction is proper under the theory in her comment "Bridging the Stream of Commerce: Recommendations for Living in the Post-Nicastro Era."

Issue 2 also features three scholarly articles. Professor Jeff Todd wrote "The Rhetoric Of Recognition." Professor Eric Voigt wrote "Explanatory Parentheticals Can Pack a Persuasive Punch." Finally, Evelyn Grosenick, '10, wrote "In Defense of the Law Review: A Response to Megan S. Knize's Article, 'The Pen Is Mightier: Rethinking the "Gladiator" Ethos of Student-Edited Articles.'"