McGeorge School of Law

All-McGeorge Mock Trial Event Sharpens Trial Team for Regional

February 17, 2014

Andrew Schmidt

McGeorge Honors Team: From left, Coach Rick Lewkowitz, '78, Kayla Rey, Monika Troike, Tashayla Billington and Janelle Covington and coach David Norton, '13

One of the traditions of McGeorge's nationally renowned Trial Advocacy program is the All-McGeorge Mock Trial Competition. The event, held annually early in the spring semester since 1997, pits the school's mock trial competition team against students who have received the highest grades in the fall semester Trial Ad course.

On Feb. 8, 2014, four teams, two from the intercollegiate team and two from the honors group, battled in the courtroom and S-4 for bragging rights on campus. Trial team stars Amada Iler and Danny Jensen emerged victorious.

"We had a fabulously successful competition," Professor Cary Bricker said, "with 12 current students acting as live witnesses, 11 alums judging, four coaches (all alums and mostly former trial teamers) watching, and Professor Leach and me acting as bailiffs."

"Amanda and Danny were superb as were their teammates Andrea Morris and Greg Haynes." Bricker said. But their adversaries, who have so much less experience, really impressed everyone. "Kayla Rey, Monika Troike, Shayla Billington and Janelle Covington did themselves proud."

The All-McGeorge, in which trial members have to argue both sides of a case while the honors students preps and argues one side, promotes the Trial Advocacy program internally and sharpens the trial team's skills before the TYLA National Trial Competition regional, which this year is set for Feb. 21.

"I remember the first year we had the All-McGeorge event," Professor Joe Taylor recalled. "Joey Low,'97, and Christina Womack,'98, both of whom to become highly trial lawyers, comprised the TYLA team. "The honors team upset them so they adopted the honors team's strategy and went on to sweep the regional and perform brilliantly in the nationals.