McGeorge School of Law

McGeorge Receives 2013 Ninth Circuit ADR Education Award

October 5, 2013

Pacific McGeorge Receiving the 2013 ADR Award!

Associate Dean Dorothy Landsberg, Supervising Attorney Pauline Nguyen, and Professor Michael Colatrella as they accept the 2013 Ninth Circuit ADR Education Award for McGeorge on Oct. 5, 2013.

McGeorge received the 2013 Ninth Circuit ADR Education Award in recognition of its long history of promoting education in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), and its impact in the community. The award was presented to Dorothy Landsberg, Pauline Nguyen, and Michael Colatrella of McGeorge on October 5, 2013, at the U.S. Eastern District Judicial Conference in Olympic Park at Lake Tahoe.

The Center for Advocacy & Dispute Resolution offers a full spectrum of alternative dispute resolution courses, executive education in ADR, and an opportunity for students to participate in moot ADR experiences. Additionally, for the past three years, McGeorge has made a significant contribution to the Sacramento community through the institution of two innovative mediation clinics.

The Prisoner Civil Rights Mediation Clinic is unique in the nation, providing a year-long course that gives law students the opportunity to co-mediate Section 1983 prisoner civil rights cases with a federal magistrate judge. Professors Michael Colatrella and Dorothy Landsberg teach the Prisoner Civil Rights Mediation Clinic.

The Housing Mediation Clinic, a one-semester course fully funded under the California Sargent Shriver Grant, provides mediation services to low-income tenants and landlords in collaboration with the Sacramento Superior Court and Legal Services of Northern California. Pauline Nguyen is the supervising attorney & mediator of Housing Mediation Center and Clinic.

Both clinics are noteworthy not only for the services they offer to the community and the education they provide to students, but also for the unique public-private partnerships that the clinics embody. McGeorge congratulates everyone who participated in the law school's ADR programs and courses.