McGeorge School of Law

Incoming 2013 Class Committed, Diverse

August 29, 2013

Dean Mootz

Dean Francis J. Mootz III welcomed students and their families during Orientation week 2013.

McGeorge has welcomed 162 JD students, 18 graduate law students (LLM and JSD), 6 foreign exchange students, and 11 Master of Science in Law students as the 2013 entering class. These students are joining McGeorge as it celebrates the 90th anniversary of its establishment as a law school.

"We are excited to welcome our new students to our academic community, where we are engaged in fundamental curriculum changes to ensure that our students are prepared for contemporary legal practice when they graduate," said Dean Francis J. Mootz III. " I am particularly pleased with the diversity of our new students."

As part of a strategic plan begun in 2009, McGeorge has set its total enrollment target as an average of 600 JD students each year. With this entering class there are now 651 J.D. students enrolled at McGeorge. The entering JD class includes students from around the United States and several foreign countries. They were carefully selected for their commitment to a legal career, and the full-time day and part-time evening sections are similarly credentialed.

McGeorge has highly selective LLM and JSD programs that have expanded this year. Additionally, this is the inaugural year for the Master of Science in Law degree. The MSL provides a graduate education for professionals who seek the benefits of advanced training in legal reasoning and analysis but who do not require the JD degree for their career plans. McGeorge launched this program this fall in response to the demands of today's complex economy, in which highly regulated industries, state and federal agencies, and other professional fields impacted by law require many employees who understand the legal, business and policy considerations. Examples of emphasis in the MSL program include government law and policy, human resources management, and education.

Dean Mootz observed that the 197 new students are pursuing a variety of degrees, but that the core of their educational experience will be the same. "For 90 years we have been providing superior legal education, and we are excited about our recent efforts to ensure that a McGeorge education provides our students with the skills and capacities they will need to succeed in a rapidly changing economy."