McGeorge School of Law

University of Insubria Professor Pozzo

September 4, 2012

Professor Barbara Pozzo

Professor Barbara Pozzo talks with students after her appearance in the International Jurist Series.

Professor Barbara Pozzo opened McGeorge's 2012-13 International Jurist Series on Aug. 30 with a talk on "Changing the Scope, Range and Methodology of Comparative Law."

Pozzo, who teaches Comparative Law at the University of Insubria in Como and directs the Ph.D. Program in the same subject at the University of Milan, discussed the development of new criteria for classifying legal systems while examining the variables that influence legal systems in the world.

The Italian legal scholar also spoke on "Climate Change: A Tale of Two Continents" in a World Affairs Council joint appearance with Julia Levin, deputy secretary for climate change, California Natural Resources Agency, and discussed intercultural legal competence with faculty members during her week-long stay on campus.

Pozzo's visit plays directly into one of McGeorge's priorities in the molding of a modern legal education for its students. Intercultural legal competence — the ability to deal with parties from other nations and cultures and to handle disputes and transactions which involve different legal systems and legal cultures — will likely become paramount in the future practice of American attorneys.

This year's International Jurist Series continues on Sept. 4, 2012, with Professor Gunter Herzig of the University of Salzburg speaks on "Crisis and Democracy: Europe's Constitutional Response to the Financial and Economic Crisis."