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Rondon Becomes Fourth to Earn Water JSD

April 19, 2012

Rodrigo Rondon

Rodrigo Rondon

Rodrigo Rondon, an attorney and law professor from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, became the fourth person to earn McGeorge's unique JSD in International Water Resources program with a successful dissertation defense on April 16.

In his dissertation, "The Law of Transnational Water Resources Projects: Transnationalism in the Brazilian Water Sector?," Rondon argued that in today's globalized world, and especially in developing countries, major water resources projects have gained an overarching legal and institutional dimension and become transnational in nature due to involvement of international and transnational actors in these projects. Based on an analysis of selected cases concerning water resources projects in South America and Brazil, he concludes there is a new breed of water resources projects that qualify as transnational, as a result of the internationalization, privatization and transnational regulation of the water industry.

Dr. Salman M.A. Salman, a retired World Bank lawyer who was responsible for all international water issues at that important agency, joined McGeorge Professors Kojo Yelpaala and Omar Dajani on an examination panel that engaged in a spirited two-hour discussion with Rondon.

The JSD (Doctor of Juridical Science) is legal education's equivalent of a PhD. The JSD typically requires three to five years to complete, and requires an advanced study in law as a scientific discipline and a dissertation, which serves as an original contribution to the scholarly field of law.

Arizona water law attorney Margaret Vick, '83, JSD '09, Taiwanese attorney/engineer Wen-Lu Wang, JSD '10, and Bennett Bearden, JSD '11, special counsel on water law and policy for the state of Alabama, are the other successful candidates for the McGeorge advanced degree.