McGeorge School of Law

McGeorge Hosts Victims' Rights Forum

June 27, 2012


From left, Jean Jordan, Mariam El-menshawi, Deborah Bain and Kimberly Buchholz

McGeorge hosted a workshop, "The ABC's of Representing Victims of Crime," on June 22, 2012, which attracted many attorneys, law students, and victim advocates.

The six-hour MCLE program, sponsored by the National Crime Victim Law Institute, featured a general overview of California crime victims' rights law and a legal guide for attorneys representing and asserting the rights of crime victims in state courts. Among those in attendance was Deborah Bain, '87, the deputy attorney general for the California of Justice's Victims' Services Unit.

Professor Meg Garvin, the NCVLI executive director, discussed the criteria which defines who is a legal victim and procedures for rights assertion in court. A clinical professor of law at Lewis & Clark Law School, she has testified before Congress on the inconsistencies of victims' laws in various state jurisdictions.

Jean Jordan, '91, the executive director of administrative services and victim services projects for the California District Attorneys Association, spoke on rights to restitution. Amy Liu, an NCVLI staff attorney, addressed the need to protect victims' identities in certain court proceedings.

Kimberly Buchholz, '07, the new director of the Victims of Crime Resource Center, and assistant director Mariam El-menshawi, '11 , organized the full-day forum. The state-funded resource center has been located at McGeorge since its inception in 1984.