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Nixon Library Adds Dorothy Landsberg Interview

June 29, 2012

Dorothy Landsberg

Dorothy Landsberg

An hour-long interview with Dorothy Landsberg, '87, has been added to the oral history holdings of the Richard Nixon Presidential Library, which feature individuals who played a significant role in the rise and fall of the impeached 37th President of the United States.

The McGeorge director of Clinical Studies at McGeorge is one of only 150 individuals who contributed to the historical collection. Others interviewed include Carl Bernstein, Robert Bork, Bob Dole, Daniel Ellsberg, David Frost, Alexander Haig, John Kerry, G. Gordon Liddy, George McGovern and William Safire.

In 1974, Landsberg was a researcher for the House Judiciary Committee Impeachment Inquiry investigation into the Watergate Scandal. Her former boss at the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division, John Doar, had been selected special counsel to the committee. He chose Landsberg to be among a staff of young lawyers and researchers who embarked on a world-shaking inquiry.

The facts unearthed by Landsberg and her colleagues led to the August 1974 resignation of President Nixon.

Watch video of the interview on YouTube.