McGeorge School of Law

McGeorge Alumni Deliver in the Clutch

June 19, 2012

Joe Thuesen, '10

McGeorge is known for its emphasis on experiential learning, but two alumni took it to another level last month as they joined forces to help bring a new life into the world.

In the early morning hours of May 24, 2012, Michael Bennett, '05, a Sacramento attorney, was awakened by his wife, Sarah, due with their second child. Her contractions were well underway and there was no time to get to the hospital.

Bennett called 911 and was connected, unbeknownst to him, to a fellow law school alumnus, Joe Thuesen, '10, a supervisor at the Sacramento Regional 911 Dispatch Center. Thuesen calmly talked Bennett through the delivery. A baby boy, Chase Bennett, arrived via a very special delivery on their Carmichael home floor at 2:17 a.m. Paramedics arrived a short time later to take the family to the hospital.

"I've been in the situation many times before," said Thuesen, a veteran emergency operator. "I try to talk the person through the proper medical procedure slowly. The person on the other end of the line acts as the hands, and we go step-by-step. It's always exciting. Everything went well, and when I heard the baby's first cry I knew everything was all right," he added.

The Bennetts were interviewed by KCRA Channel 3 the next day, but they had no idea the man on the other end of the phone line was a McGeorge alum until weeks later. "It's a small world and he knew what he was doing," said Bennett, who is certified specialist in estate planning, trust and probate law at Generations. "We are very grateful for his help."

Thuesen still hopes to practice law one day in the future, but for now he feels fortunate to be helping people in other ways. "I have a good job, a 12-year career that provides for my wife and four children," said Thuesen, who lives in Cameron Park.

And there's one more thing. "I don't usually meet with the people I talk to on the dispatch, but I'd like to meet Mike Bennett," he said. "Maybe his family would like a copy of that 911 tape."