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Malloy Speaks at UN Event in NYC

October 30, 2012

Michael Malloy

Professor Michael Malloy

Professor Michael Malloy spoke on a panel focusing on the "UNECE Policy Framework for Sustainable Real Estate Markets" during a UN Symposium organized by the International Real Estate Federation, U.S. Chapter, on Oct. 19 in New York City.

Malloy discussed new approaches to risk management for financial services institutions and their implications for the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Policy Framework, prompting a wave of questions. Also appearing on the panel was the Enrico Campagnoli, the immediate past world president of the federation and principal architect of the policy framework. The topic had sparked animated discussion during the recent meeting of the Housing Committee of the UN Economic Commission for Europe, in which Malloy participated.

In that late-September conference in Geneva, Switzerland, Malloy spoke on the U.S. housing market's tepid recovery and the potential for more effective risk-management tools in housing financing. His remarks came at the 73rd Plenary Session of the Committee on Housing and Land Management, UNECE.

Malloy has been widely quoted in newspapers around the world on the fragility of the economic recovery from the recent worldwide recession and the importance of a healthy housing market to sustaining that recovery.