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Leach Travels to Russia to Teach in ABA Program

September 12, 2012

Prof. Jay Leach

Professor Jay Leach

Professor Jay Leach traveled to Russia, on July 6-7, 2012, to speak at an ABA Central European and Eurasian Law Initiative roundtable and participate in a workshop on "Standards of the Legal Profession: American and Russian Approaches."

The program brought together 30 Russian lawyers to consider whether American summaries of legal skills and values - those set forth primarily in the McCrate Report and more recently the Carnegie Report - could be applied usefully to the Russian legal context. The conference hotel was held in Peterhof, a town 30 miles west of St. Petersburg.

"Mary Devlin, a retired ABA ethics authority, and I were called on to present our views of the extent to which U.S. lawyers actually do subscribe to the McCrate and Carnegie outlines, and demonstrate how such skills and values are taught more experientially in recent years," Leach said.

"Our hosts were most welcoming," Leach added. "We enjoyed our interactions with them and came away impressed with the persistence of our Russian colleagues in the face of a legal system that appears slow to encourage modernization. Their energy and devotion to the task they set themselves were palpable."

In December 2011, Leach taught a three-week course in Comparative Trial Advocacy as a visiting professor at Guangzhou University in China. He has also been a major player in the five-year USAID-sponsored program on experiential learning run in that country under the direction of McGeorge.