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Hanning Launches Interactive Website, Jotwol

February 1, 2012

Taylor Hanning

Taylor Hanning

A McGeorge student and two of his friends have created a new website,, which they claim features the world's largest wall with a platform for free expression.

Taylor Hanning, '12, and his pals from the Central Valley city of Reedley, California, launched the site on Jan. 5, 2012. Visitors to the site can express themselves through drawings, song lyrics, poetry, thoughts and quotes. Although other such sites exist on the Internet, Jotwol features integration with Facebook and other social media.

"The website is doing very well," said Hanning, who holds a B.A in philosophy with an emphasis on logic from UCLA. "We've started the second phase of development, which means there will be a ton of new features."

Hanning, who is the president of the Business & Tax Law Society and vice president of the Estate Planning Society at McGeorge, said he is hopeful the website will be profitable within a year. The initial goal of the partners was to attract 10,000 visitors in its opening month.

"Law school gave me the tools and the confidence necessary to go forward with Jotwol," Hanning said. "I could not have done it without the support of fellow classmates and faculty. My goal is to practice law in the areas of business and tax. The experience of running an operation as large as Jotwol will serve me well when advising entrepreneurs and businesses. There are so many things to know about the business world that you cannot learn in a book."

Hanning's partners are Danny Baumann, who owns an Internet marketing company, and Rob Croft, a web and graphic designer.