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'Greensheets' Examines State Laws

October 30, 2012

'Greensheets' Examines State Laws

From left, Brian Hamilton, '12, Volume 43 editor in chief, with Volume 44 board members Christina Bucci, Mark Freeman, Sara Arfmann and Allison Cross.

Since its inception, the McGeorge Law Review has provided its readers with an analysis of recently enacted California state legislation. Known as "Greensheets," the annual student-written issue strives to provide a comprehensive analysis of new California laws in a practitioner-friendly manner to members of the bar and bench throughout California.

Volume 43, Issue 3, a Review of Selected 2011 California Legislation was published in October 2012. It contains an in-depth analysis of important legislation, including the open-carry ban and allowing unlicensed school employees to administer epilepsy medication to students. Seventeen McGeorge students were published in Volume 43, Issue 3, which features significant changes in 13 areas of the law, including business and professions, civil, civil procedure, corporations, education, elections, fish and game, government, harbors and navigation, health and safety, penal, probate, and public resources.

"Congratulations to all of the student authors and editors for their dedication and hard work, and congratulations to Chief Legislation Editor Kevin Walkow, ('12), and Volume 43 Editor-in-Chief Brian Hamilton, ('12), for their efforts in shaping this impressive issue," said Anthony Bento, the Volume 44 chief legislation editor.

Suni Li Alexander, Eric Bonnett, Mark Freeman, Joel Smith, Hunter Starr, Rebecca Tatum and Rebecca Sem each wrote two articles for the issue. Sara Arfmann, Allison Cross, Christina Bucci, Kimberley Chow, Peter Handy, Andrew Hsieh, Maryn Oyoung, Ronak Patel, Colin Roberts and William Whaley contributed one analysis apiece.

Class of 2012 graduates Kendra Bertschy, Ashley Bonnett, Katerina Deaver, Julia DeVos, Abby Maurer, Rebekah Morrissey and Sterling Thayer served as legislation editors under Walkow.

Students interested in writing for the McGeorge Law Review generally or next year's edition of "Greensheets" specifically should contact Volume 44 Editor-in-Chief Allison Cross.