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'Globe' Board Has Ambitious Plans for Volume 26

July 3, 2012

Globe Editor Dance Line

From left, Derek Takehara, Amanda MacQueen, Phoebe Vu, Siren Jimenez and Anthony Yu

The new board of editors of the McGeorge Global Business & Development Law Journal, led by Editor-in-Chief Derek Takehara, '13, is ready to hop to it this year.

Amanda MacQueen, chief articles editor, Phoebe Vu, chief managing editor, Siren Jimenez chief comment editor, and Anthony Yu, chief technical editor, join Takehara on the Volume 26 board of what's known on campus as "The Globe."

This year's crew plans two issues, fall and spring, and has already procured some solid pieces. The Volume 25 board, which comprised May graduates Micaela Neal, Lindsay McCarl, Jimmy Pak, Sara Sacson and Darren Sweetwood, assigned a record 11 comments to staffers so the two issues will feature plenty of student scholarship.

"Right now, our fall lineup looks exciting," Takehara said. "We're going to publish a piece from Judge Charles Brower [of the Iran-United States Claims Tribunal in The Hague] who visited us last semester. The piece will cover the topics he discussed, although a bit more in-depth. Professor Jarrod Wong helped us get this piece, as he used to clerk for Judge Brower."

The new volume will also include Professor Frank Gervurtz's report on McGeorge's Tahoe II Conference, a 2011 follow-up on the law school's leadership efforts to effect a globalization of the American legal education curriculum.

Known as The Transnational Lawyer until 2006, "The Globe" is one of two student-run law reviews at McGeorge. Professor Steve McCaffrey is the publication's faculty advisor. Computer publishing specialist Pauline Rodriguez, who also works with the McGeorge Law Review, assists the board.