McGeorge School of Law

Cross-Led Law Review Board Off to Fast Start

July 12, 2012

The incoming board of editors of the McGeorge Law Review

From Left, Ronak Patel, Anthony Bento, Christina Bucci, Allison Cross, Jeffrey Dodd, Amber Duvall, and Mark Freeman

The incoming board of editors of the McGeorge Law Review, led by Editor-in Chief Allison Cross, is off to a fast start on producing its first of four issues of Volume 44.

Anthony Bento, chief legislation editor, Christina Bucci, chief technical editor, Jeff Dodd, chief symposium, Amber Duvall, chief managing editor, Mark Freeman, chief comment editor, and Ronak Patel, chief articles editor, round out the new board.

Dodd already has a wealth of excellent scholarship pulled together for symposium Issue 1 from last April's law review-sponsored conference on "The Evolution of Justice Anthony M. Kennedy's Jurisprudence." That event attracted many of the leading constitutional law scholars in the country.

Patel has secured several articles for Issue 2, including a lead article comprising several short pieces from veterans of the U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division from the 1960s.

"It will include a guided discussion between former Assistant Attorney General John Doar and Owen Fiss, another DOJ veteran," Cross said. "Professor Brian Landsberg not only helped MLR secure these pieces for publication, but was also kind enough to write an introduction."

In addition to scholarly pieces, MLR has big plans to publish a large number of student-written articles such as the ones that will populate Issue 3, the annual "Greensheets" of student critiques of newly enacted California legislation. "We have 28 talented Greensheets staff writers who joined the MLR team back in April," Cross said. "For the first time, the board of editors invited incoming 3D/4E students as well as the incoming 2D/3E students to solicit for MLR membership as Greensheets staff writers. Anthony Bento spearheaded this move to give us more student firepower and the writers have already finished their first pieces and are working on their second articles."

Freeman and the graduated Volume 43 editors selected eight student-authored comments for publication in Issues 2 and 4. The new board of editors is looking forward to the next comment solicitation in August and urges interested students to get in touch with them.

"Our ultimate goal for Volume 44 is to produce high-quality, timely issues that are useful to members of the bar and bench." Cross said. "While it is certainly early in our term as the McGeorge Law Review Board of Editors, we are well on our way to making that goal a reality."