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USAID China Contract Will Run Through April

September 3, 2011

USAID China Program image

Professors Jay Leach, Brian Landsberg and Maureen Watkins (middle row) were in Yinchuan, China, last month to conduct a workshop with Chinese law professors as part of McGeorge's recently extended USAID China Program.

The three-month modification allots another $200,000 in funding to the multi-million dollar teaching program first signed in 2006 and begun the following year. China has embarked on a major overhaul of its legal system, adopting new laws addressing a wide range of modern issues. McGeorge has assisted China in creating skills-based legal education programs that focus on the application of law in practice, working with numerous Chinese law schools over the last five years to teach young law professors American advocacy skills.

Professor Brian Landsberg, the director for the McGeorge Rule of Law Program, has made 15 trips to China, often with faculty colleagues, to conduct week-long and two-week workshops. Professors Jay Leach, Maureen Watkins and Jarrod Wong accompanied Landsberg and served as advisors at a legal education workshop held from July 30 to Aug. 5, 2011, in Yinchuan, China. The program, "Creating Curricular Materials for Experiential Legal Education," brought together 22 Chinese law professors who have been trained as instructors in experiential learning skills. In turn, several delegations of Chinese law professors have visited Sacramento in recent years to participate in on-campus observational study tours.

The USAID China program is one of several run under the auspices of McGeorge's Global Center for Business & Development. The law school has a well-deserved worldwide reputation for expertise in international law.