McGeorge School of Law

Student Bar Association Board Busy On All Fronts

November 7, 2011

SBA Group Photo 2011

SBA: Front row, from left: Jacquie Hassell, 4th Year Evening representative; Kelsey Peterson, secretary; Alisa Reinhardt, Day vice president; Jenna Thompson 3rd Year Day representative; Peggy Vargas, First Year Day representative; Mandeep Pooni  First Year Evening representative; and Tahnee Baker, Second Year Day representative. Back row: Greg Porter, treasurer; Colin Hendricks, president; Patrick Blood, representative at large; Mario Walther, 2nd Year Evening representative; and Drew Rymer, 3rd Year Evening representative. Not pictured: Andrea Moon, Evening vice president

Following the September first-year elections, the Student Bar Association has a full board and is moving forward on many fronts as a hectic fall semester winds down.

Peggy Vargas and Mandeep Pooni were elected first-year Day and Evening representatives, respectively, this fall. They joined SBA president Colin Hendricks, treasurer Greg Porter, secretary Kelsey Peterson, representative-at-large Patrick Blood, Day vice president Alisa Reinhardt, and Evening vice president Andrea Moon on a board that includes class reps Jacquie Hassell (4E), Jenna Thompson (3D), Drew Ryner (3E), Tahnee Baker (2D) and Mario Walther (2E). Blood, Hendricks, Porter, Reinhardt and Walther were also on the 2010-11 board.

All registered students at McGeorge hold membership in its SBA, which serves as a forum for student interests and concerns and sponsors a number of school-wide events throughout the year, including the Halfway There Party and Barrister’s Ball.

The SBA also organizes and oversees student committees, including: Orientation, Community Garden, Elections, Mentorship, Intramural Sports, Barrister’s Ball, Sustainability, Community Service and Diversity. The just-concluded Diversity Week, which featured a wide-ranging array of events not to mention foods, was a big hit. The intramural flag-football and soccer programs run at nearby parks have attracted solid student participation. Additionally, the SBA continues to work with all of the chartered student organizations that sponsor their own activities, guest speakers and forums.

Each spring, SBA Board elections are held for the following year. In late spring, the SBA selects students to serve on its student committees for the following year. First-year classes elect their representatives shortly after the fall semester begins.