McGeorge School of Law

Rugby Club Scores With New Room In Library

April 21, 2011

McGeorge Alumni Rugby Club

Only half of the alumni players on hand for a recent weekend reunion were able to crowd into the new McGeorge Rugby Room at the same time.

The McGeorge Alumni Rugby Club became the first organization to put its name on a room in the new Legal Studies Center that houses the Gordon D. Schaber, raising a significant amount of money to stake its claim to a corner of the stacks section.

"I made my best friends here when I was a student," said attorney Anthony McClaren, '03, who organized the fundraising drive and keeps track of former players. "Many of my teammates and guys who played before me make it back here to Sacramento every spring to renew old friendships and play a student/alumni game."

The McGeorge rugby alums, better known as the McDucks, descended on the campus the weekend of April 8, 2011, to toast their new club. There were California attorneys present representing cities from San Diego to Marysville, in addition to dedicated club members who trekked in from Florida, New York, Louisiana and Texas.

The McGeorge Rugby Football Club is one of McGeorge's oldest student organizations. Officially founded in 1981, the club has been active every year since. The students play several weekend tournaments in the fall and a Saturday league schedule in the spring. Opponents range from the Stanford Graduate Rugby Club to the Reno Zephyrs - other college club teams and pickup all-star teams from park leagues. The team used to practice at McClatchy Park and play its home games at Curtis Park. Nowadays, the team practices at the latter field and plays at Danny Dunn Park off of Power Inn Road.

The highlight of the season is alumni weekend. This year, the tight schedule included the opening ceremony for the rugby room, a pre-game social, the game itself, and a post-match BBQ. A good time was had by all.

"Rugby was the single most important part of law school to me," said Chris Sullivan, '97, who runs a highly successful law firm and real estate office in Las Vegas. "I do business with the guys that were in law school with me. It's a great networking group. I just had an email from a guy who couldn't make it up to Sacramento, and he was looking to refer a case to another alum."

The McGeorge Rugby Room, which the alumni team decorated to resemble a pub, features rugby memorabilia, numerous framed and signed photos and a reclining leather lounge chair. The room is open to all students. Just ask for a key at the front desk if you want to enjoy a unique study space and see a piece of McGeorge history.