McGeorge School of Law

Military Law Society Quad Fundraiser A Success

November 28, 2011

Push-ups and sit-ups

Push-ups and sit-ups were the order of the day at the Military Law Society's successful fundraiser.

The Military Law Society raised more than $4,000 for homeless veterans on Nov. 10, 2011, with an all-day fundraiser in the quad, "The 131,000 Challenge," which featured law school community members doing push-ups and sit-ups for a worthy cause.

"Thanks to all who participated, they counted 41,603 (push-ups and sit-ups) between 8:30 a.m. and 6:15 p.m.," Principal Assistant Dean Tim Naccarato said. "Several alums who are veterans committed to paying 10 cents a push-up or sit-up. So $4,160.30 will be donated to a local non-profit that supports homeless veterans."

"We owe special thanks to the students, staff sections and faculty members who supported this cause — sometimes coming out several times during the day." said Naccarato, the MLS faculty advisor. "Others dropped by the Business Office and donated to the Military Law Society. Three individuals logged counts of 2,200, 2,000, and 1,000 push-ups and sit-ups, respectively. As I visited the quad at 5:15 p.m., five female students from the Evening Division, two in business attire, were knocking out push-ups and sit-ups."

The fundraiser was the brainchild of Phil Williams, '13, a former U.S. Army infantry officer who served two tours of duty in Iraq. MLS president Andrew Londerholm headed a team that organized the day's activities. Sacramento attorney Emmett Mahle, '81, who teaches the Law of Armed Conflict elective course in the spring, was among the key alumni backers.

"It was our way of giving a McGeorge salute to Veterans Day (Nov. 11)," Londerholm said. "We really appreciate the support we got from all the other students. So many just stopped by, asked what we were doing, and jumped right in."

The money that was raised will go to the Sacramento branch of the United States Mission, which has been helping homeless veterans for 50 years. The Department of Veteran's Affairs estimates that there are more than 131,000 homeless veterans, hence "The 131,000 Challenge" name.

The Military Law Society is in only its second year of existence at McGeorge. The club participated in Operation Stand Down earlier in the fall, sending a contingent to Redding to help run a series of weekend programs for homeless veterans. McGeorge was the only law school represented at the event.