McGeorge School of Law

'Greensheets' Edition Examines State Legislation

June 24, 2011

The annual "Greensheets" edition of the McGeorge Law Review has been published with a Review of Selected 2010 California Legislation.

Twenty-three McGeorge students are published in Volume 42, Issue 3 of the law journal, which features significant changes in 14 areas of the law, including civil, civil procedure, education, elections, evidence, fish and game, government, health and safety, penal, probate, public resources, revenue and taxation, vehicle, and welfare & institutions.

"Topics range from relatively straight forward measures affecting California's Code of Civil Procedure to urgent legislation designed to relieve the state's budgetary woes, to the Legislature's drastic overhaul of the state's approach to sex offenses," said Scott Mallery,'11, chief legislative editor of Volume 42.

Kendra Bertschy, Ashley Bonnett, Ekaterina Deaver, Brian Hamilton, Rebekah Morrissey each wrote two articles for the issue. Carissa Bouwer, Chris Braniff, Megan Cosgrove, Daniel Cucchi, Julia DeVos, Joseph Fabel, Jeremy Ehrlich, Kevin James, Abigail Maurer, Will Melehani, Clayton McCarl, Michael Malone, Ashley Porter, Colin Sullivan, Scott Walker, Kevin Walkow, Kirk Wilbur and Allan Woodworth were other contributors.

Class of 2011 graduates Krystal Collins, Gregory Hynes, Jean-Michel LeCointre, Nadia Mahallati, Kristin Wiggle and Edmund Yan served as legislation editors under Mallery.