McGeorge School of Law

Coderniz, McQuillan Team Falls To Stanford

March 3, 2011

Nikole McQuillan and Diane Coderniz reached the finals of a recent National Trial Competition regional before falling to a Stanford by a single point of the judges.

McGeorge and UC Davis were the co-hosts of the event, which was held February 17-19, 2011, at the Robert T. Matsui U.S. Courthouse in Sacramento. Two Stanford teams emerged from the 16-team field that also featured entries from UC Berkeley, Golden Gate, Santa Clara, UC Hastings and USF. The national finals of the competition, which began in 1975 and is sponsored by the Texas Young Lawyers Association and the American College of Trial Lawyers, are scheduled for April in Houston, Texas.

Third-year Day Division students McQuillan and Coderniz had to beat both Berkeley teams to make it to the final round. Jesse Saucedo and Matt Taylor formed another McGeorge entry that fought hard but couldn't get to the semifinal round. The local teams were coached by Carrie Bonnington, '03, Jason Schaff, '06, and Leland Washington, '01.

McGeorge and UC Davis recruited all the judges, witnesses and bailiffs for the four-round event. Professor Jay Leach, the director of the Trial Advocacy program, and UCD Professor Ed Imwinkelreid were the key organizers with an assist from Professor Cary Bricker, Clemence Kucera, Laurel Sunderman and Sally Draper.