McGeorge School of Law

Booth, Collins, Radcliffe Compete at The Hague

April 26, 2011

Susan Booth, Scott Radcliffe, Krystal Collins and Professor Linda Carter

From left, Susan Booth, Scott Radcliffe, Krystal Collins and Professor Linda Carter

McGeorge wrapped up a highly successful moot court season with an appearance in the 7th Annual International Criminal Court Moot Competition, which was held April 10-15, 2011, in The Hague, Netherlands.

McGeorge qualified for the world championship round by finishing second to William & Mary School of Law in the ICC North American Regional back in January. There were 21 teams at the final event representing 12 countries and five continents. Bond University of Australia won the world title with Nalsar University of India taking second and defending champion Osgoode Hall of Canada finishing third.

Scott Radcliffe, Krystal Collins and Susie Booth comprised the McGeorge team that traveled to Europe. Professor Linda Carter, the team coach, and Professor John Sims accompanied them. David Magnan, the fourth member of the student team, was unable to make the trip.

"We competed well in the preliminary rounds in The Hague," said Carter. "While we were not in the finals, both John and I felt that our team was competitive throughout the preliminary rounds. In fact, in one of our rounds, we were up against Osgoode and Bond."

"For the students, this was an intensive experience in analytical thinking, researching, writing, and constructing legal arguments on highly complex legal issues," Carter said. "A special note of accomplishment goes to Susie Booth, our legal researcher on the team. She helped the team research and write the briefs, but did not do an oral argument in the regional. But when David was unable to go, she stepped to the forefront. We contacted Susie less than a week before we left for The Hague to ask her to prepare the prosecution argument and argue it. She worked day and night, created her argument, and practiced it with us in The Hague. Although she had almost no free time in The Hague, Susie's efforts paid off and she did very well in the oral round. Krystal and Scott, too, were exceptional in each round that they argued, and David was outstanding in the competition in New York."

In addition to visiting the International Court of Justice and touring other sights, the McGeorge students were able to meet with several alumni who work in The Hague, including Yanying Li (Permanent Court of Arbitration), Nicole Rangel (ICTY), Cynthia Tai (ICC) and Lauren Tipton (Special Court for Sierra Leone).