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Wang Successfully Defends JSD Dissertation

December 6, 2010

Professor Rachael Salcido with JSD holder Wen-Lu Wang, Dan Magraw, and Professor John Sprankling

From left, Professor Rachael Salcido with JSD holder Wen-Lu Wang, Dan Magraw, and Professor John Sprankling.

Wen-Lu Wang, a Taiwanese hydraulic engineer and attorney, earned only the second JSD awarded in McGeorge's International Water Resources Law program history with a successful on-campus dissertation defense on December 3, 2010.

Wang's paper, "Allocating Flood Risk Through International Cooperation in an Era of Climate Change - Coordinating Flood Insurance with Flood Plain Management," argues for the international integration of flood insurance regimes. Using a PowerPoint presentation, he made the case for a treaty proposal that would draw in the major economic powers along with third world countries. He also said he believes that flood insurance will be internationalized soon and emphasized the importance of standardized flood plain management mechanisms.

Dan Magraw, the president emeritus of the Center for International Environmental Law in Washington, D.C., and Professors Rachael Salcido and John Sprankling comprised the panel that examined Wang and critiqued his dissertation with pointed questions. They delivered their favorable decision after a short adjournment and met with the new JSD holder afterward to offer detailed feedback on his proposal.

In January 2007, Wang began his JSD work when he was a deputy engineer and in-house counsel at National Chiao Tung University's Natural Hazard Mitigation Research Center in Hsinchu, Taiwan. He was admitted to JSD candidacy, legal education's equivalent of a Ph.D., in 2008.

Wang holds a B.S. in Engineering of Naval Architecture from National Taiwan University. After earning a law degree from Soochow University in Taipei, he received an M.S. in Civil Engineering from National Chiao Tung, and an LLM from the University of Pennsylvania.

Margaret Vick, '83, who was the first graduate of the rigorous JSD program, was among those in attendance at Wang's examination. The Arizona attorney recently completed a year-long USAID assignment as a legal advisor to the Afghanistan Ministry of Water and Irrigation in Kabul, Afghanistan.

McGeorge also offers a highly specialized one-year LLM in International Water Resources.