McGeorge School of Law

Three Students Author GB&DLJ Comments

April 13, 2010

Brooks Rice, Jarrett Noble and Adam Link

From left, Brooks Rice, Jarrett Noble and Adam Link

Three students wrote comments that appear in the latest issue (Volume 22, Number 2) of the Pacific Global Business & Development Law Journal, an issue that features coverage of the Canadian water and energy symposium that was co-sponsored by the Institute for Sustainable Development.

Jarrett Noble, '10, contributed "Land Seizures in The People's Republic of China: Protecting Property While Encouraging Economic Development." He recommends a model based on the Kelo v. City of New London ruling as a framework to enable China's continued development while providing some limit to the eminent domain power.

Adam Link, '10, authored "The Perils of Privatization: International Developments and Reform in Water Distribution." He argues the need for a three-step process to improve the success rate of water distribution projects in developing countries and reduce the probability of disputes related to water privatization programs.

Brooks Rice, '10, contributed "The ‘Triumph' of the Commons: An Analysis of Enforcement Problems and Solutions in the Western Climate Initiative." He predicts the WCI may create an effective, low-cost system of environmental regulation that could ultimately result in a decisive reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.