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National Security Journal Makes Early Impact

January 9, 2010


The Journal of National Security Law & Policy

The Journal of National Security Law & Policy, which was co-founded by McGeorge and is housed on the Sacramento campus, has made a significant impact in periodical circles since its launch in 2007.

According to citation data gathered by Washington & Lee School of Law, which tracks more than 557 peer-reviewed law journals, the JNSLP was ranked second on a "currency factor" scale that assesses the degree to which published material is quickly cited by others. The JNSLP was ranked sixth based on "impact factor" and rated 12th overall. The Supreme Court Review, which has been published for 50 years by the University of Chicago, is No. 1.

"As with any legal periodical, the frequency with which our articles are cited is an important measure of influence," said Dr. Molly Pyle, the managing editor of the Journal of National Security Law & Policy. "We can then say that despite our relative youth, the JNSLP is already among the most frequently cited periodicals, and we are very proud of that fact."

"It is exciting news," said Professor John Sims, a senior editor and one of the founding co-editors of the publication. "We obviously hit upon a timely topic when we launched the journal and our affiliation with the Institute for National Security and Counterterrorism at Syracuse University has added to the journal's prestige."

The Journal of National Security Law & Policy is published twice a year. Among the articles in its latest edition, Volume 3, Issue 2 (2009), is an article by Dean Elizabeth Rindskopf Parker, "National Security Advice for a New Administration."

The journal's annual subscription price is $30. For more information, go to